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*** Amsterdam Midsummer night Aftercamp 23 June ***

posted 2007/06/14 14:11    Visibility: World

OK lets try to introduce a Nordic tradition in the Lowlands :-) We'll call it 'Midsummer night Aftercamp' because it's 2 nights after the shortest night... Date: saturday 23 June. Time: starting at 22, end at sunrise :-)

Location: in the rural aerea between Haarlem and Amsterdam there is a small lake, almost hidden, with some trees and bushes around it. It is an amazingly lost and isolated spot so close to the city - well, it's a 2 kilometer walk from the nearest bus stop on the line Amsterdam-Haarlem; 3 kilometers from the edge of Haarlem. You can only walk there, over a path that is not indicated - you have to know that it is there. In the evening there are many birds, rabbits etc. The exact whereabouts and how to get there will be sent to those who register for the event. You can register by sending me a message.

Activities: picknick, maybe barbecue, funny games, water games, ballgames, swimming, creepy it-is-dark-night-in-the-middle-of-nowhere games,
mudfight, bodypainting with mud contest, maybe people can bring music instruments...

What should you bring? Well, bring what you'll eat/drink yourself, plus the same for "on the table". So if you bring a bottle of wine and a cake for yourself, bring also another bottle of wine and another cake for sharing. This is the only admission fee :-)

Also bring a pullover or jacket for the morning freshness, a raincoat for just in case, a piece of plastic to sit on, And your swimsuit or at least a big towel. If you have plastic shoes for the muddy bottom of the lake, bring them; they're not really neccesary. Don't forget your sense of humour and your travel stories.

People that live in or near Amsterdam or Haarlem and can help with a tarp or some camping gaz gear, please contact me :-)

It's a nice bike ride from Amsterdam to the lake, so people from Amsterdam might consider to team up for that.

If you're travelling heavy, just let us know and we'll arrange a place to keep your luggage.

Hey everybody, sign up! Sign up!

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