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Getting To Copenhagen

All major carriers and low cost airlines fly into Copenhagen to Copenhagen Airport, a few fly into Malmö Sturup Airport, some may even land in Roskilde Airport(seldom)

Check out, or TravelLink to find the cheapest airline tickets to come.

Of course you don't have to fly into Copenhagen! Eurolines operate Bus services from most of Europe, Train or Interrail is also an option.

Getting To and From the Airport

The easiest way of from the airport is by the Metro, it takes roughly 15 minutes to Nørreport station which is closest to the city centre. You will pass through 3 zones from the Airport to Central Copenhagen, a single ticket costs 36 DKK (5 EUR) or consider a ten-trip discount card (10x3 zones) for 190 DKK (25 EUR) (see below).


It should be possible to hitch a ride down Europe from Grønttorvet just where Holbækmotorvejen begins. Grønttorvet (the Vegetable Square) is where most fruit and vegetables are being sold to Supermarkets in Denmark so there are a lot of Trucks going in and out of there to all of Europe. (Do not confuse with the similarly named Grønttorvet near Nørreport station on Israels plads).

Getting Around Once you are Here

Driving a car in Copenhagen is an option, but as public transport is excellent and covers all parts of Copenhagen, try it out: See Rejseplanen to plan your trip. Also car rental isn't cheap in Denmark and parking in the city centre is expensive.

Use the website to see up to date info on how to get from A to B. You can search for a specific address too including housenumber and it covers all of Denmark. A useful and free app "Rejseplanen" available for Android and iPhone.

Zoning system and Travelcards

Copenhagen is divided into zones. Zone 1 is central Copenhagen, zone 2 is the outer parts of the city, zone 3 is most of Amager, zone 4 is outer Amager including the Airport. All higher zones are in the suburbs. Tickets cost 10,5 DKK per zone with a minimum purchase of two zones. A much cheaper option is getting a Discount Card with 10 trips on it. They come in several different versions, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or all zones. Purchasing a 2 zone and a 3 zone 10 trip discount card, covers all possible combinations of zones (2 + 3 eq 5, 3 + 3 eq 6, etc). They are sold in vendor machines on all stations(therefore also at Copenhagen Airport Kastrup). Paying with any major credit card directly in the vendor machine is an easy possibility.

Read more on the Movia Tourist page about Zones and Discount Cards

All tickets are good for all forms of public transportation, metro, train, bus, ferrybus(but using this option costs dobbel ticket), and two zones is good for one hour (more zones longer time).

It is also possible for two people to share zones, so one stamp of a 4 zone card equals two 2-zone tickets. Note that you need at least two zones regardless whether you're only traveling in one zone.

Another option that at first hand may seem expensive is to get a monthly card or pendler card(you need a normal passport photo in order 2 purchase it) at any manned station therefore also at Copenhagen Airport Kastrup. As with the tickets, the min. purchase is for 2 zones and it should have a validity of min. 1 month. A zone 1+2(covers almost all the center and most suburbs in Copenhagen)month card for 1 month is 310kr(1/4-09)aprox 41 Euro.

With this month card or pendler card you also avoid to have to pay double in the night busses. Once you have purchased it, it is free rides, all day, all night(within the picked zones).


The Metro will take you from Vanløse, through Frederiksberg passing Nørreport (busiest station in Copenhagen) to Kongens Nytorv and Christianshavn and all the way through Amager to the Kastup Airport or to west Amager. Opening hours The Metro runs all day from around 5 in the morning to about 1 at night, it also run every 15 minutes Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Google has the metro (mostly) plotted into their maps.


Copenhagen buses are yellow, with a red, blue stripe on the front, or lacking it. Normal busses are all yellow and don´t go very often(aprox every 20. min). The "A" buses are very frequent(aprox. 3. - 7. min.) and have a red stripe on the front. "S" buses are fast because they stop at fewer stops, they have a blue stripe on thr front. "N" buses are night buses and cost double the daytime fare. You enter all buses in the front and exit in the middle or behind, remember to go all the way to the back of the bus to allow others in (no fun standing in the rain all day watching half empty busses drive by). You can only buy normal tickets in the bus, and they only take coins and smaller notes, no credit card and no Euros.


S-trains take you out to the greater Copenhagen area and all the suburbs, you cannot buy a ticket in the train and if you get caught as a foreigner, you will be asked to pay cash or you will be escorted to a ATM. If you refuse this, the police will be called and a report will be made(in other words arrested).

See the city pulse to see where the trains are in real time!

Not paying with public transport

The fee is 710.- Dkr aprox. 95 euro(1/4-09).

If you get caught as a foreigner, you will be asked to pay cash or you will be escorted to a ATM. If you refuse this, the police will be called and a report will be made(in other words arrested).

Now you may think you can spot they controllers but the new action is to have civilian controllers and also civilian police that escort the controllers.


Taxi is also an option in Copenhagen, and it it very safe due 2 video cameras onboard and they accept all cards(even thougt there is a small fee for foreign cards) and the ride is always fixed price and not a bargain, like in some foreign countries. The tip is included in th ride as it is in all services in Denmark.


Rickshaws or Bike taxis are great for sightseeing they are the same price as taxis


Copenhagen is one of the most bike friendly cities in the world with green bike paths on most streets and even some dedicated bike paths, and from August it is possible to drive your bike by the lakes giving you a beautiful view and a fast way to get all the way from Østerbro through Nørrebro and Frederiksberg to Vesterbro

Warning watch out for those right turning trucks, assume that you're invisible to them and stay back until they passed even though you have the right to go first. You also have a right to be squished under a 20 ton truck but that doesn't mean you want to.

Bike rental There are several bike rental places scattered around Copenhagen.

  • Luca's Cykler have bikes from 50 DKK per day.
  • Cykelbørsen have bikes from 60 DKK per day and 270 DKK per week and 645 per month. Deposit from 200 DKK
  • Baisikeli have bikes from 90 DKK per day and 229 per Week and 470 DKK per month
  • Copenhagen Bikes and Østerport Cykler have, apart from normal bikes, also Tandems (100DKK/day or 450DKK/week) and Christiania bikes (200DKK/day or 900DKK/week) Christiania bikes are great for transporting children and can carry up to 4 smaller kids plus driver or two small adults plus driver)


Most of the main sight are located fairly close together and can easily be visited on foot - and you get to see more of the city. If you are only going a couple of tube stops - walk (or get a bus). By the time you have got to the platform, waited for the train, gone the distance and come back up - you could have been there!


In Denmark we're so romantic we couldn't let go of our beloved "krone" it's tied to the EUR and the exchange is so that you get around 750 DKK for 100 EUR depending on your exchange rate. There are yellow exchange places scattered around the inner city.

Only a few big shops on the main street take Â�, but virtually everyone including even the smallest little grocery shop accepts Visa(not electron, look for the Electron sign before you step into the store) some accept Mastercard too, a few bigger shops may accept American Express/Diners Club/Discover/JCB/EuroCard but you shouldn't rely on those cards alone. Føtex accepts almost all cards and nearly all Føtex have an ATM inside. Netto accepts EUR, SEK and NOK but only in notes and sometimesit it may seem impossible 2 pay with EUR, SEK and NOK in notes as the cashiers have little experience with this. Netto does accept Electron.


Neighbourhood and their sights

  • Inner city - Museums, Shops, Restaurants, the pedestrian street, Tivoli, Nyhavn, The Little Mermaid, Gefion, The Marble Chruch, The Queens Palace
    • Christianshavn - Christiania, Peder Skram(a museum frigate), Sælen(the uboat that participated in Operation Desert Storm - also a museum))
  • Østerbro - Fælledparken a big busy park in the summer, also home for Parken(FCK)
  • Nørrebro - Falafel and Kebab, green grocers, halal, second hand stores, the former place of Ungdomshuset and Assistens Kirkegård(Hans Christian Andersen)
  • Vesterbro/Kongens Enghave - Carlsberg Breweries, many foreign restaurants and ethnical special stores
  • Valby - Carlsberg Breweries and Spinderiet(Shopping mall, opened sept 2008)
  • Vanløse - Damhussøen
  • Brønshøj-Husum -
  • Bispebjerg - Grundvigs Kirke(cathedal),
  • Amager - beaches, skinny dipping at Helgoland
  • Kastrup - The airport, some beaches
  • Frederiksberg - The Zoo
  • Klampenborg - Bakken(the eldest amusementpark in the world, opened 1583)


  • Vega is one of Copenhagens most popular concert venues, and you'll find Ideal Bar in the same building.
  • Pumpehuset is another popular concert venue.
  • Culture Box is a good place to go for electronic music.
  • The Rock is a hard rock/heavy metal concert venue and night club.
  • Stengade 30 is a popular place that caters to many different genres. RubA'Dub Sunday every Sunday is one of the places where you can usually find a party on a Sunday.
  • RUST concerts with both danish and foreign artists.

Eating and Drinking

City Centre

La Vecchia Signora on Grønnegade serves Pizza from the traditional Italian stone oven heated by real fire, as well as other Italian classics. A bit pricey (Pizzas 115 to 130 DKK, other main courses 200 to 230 DKK)

O's American Breakfast & Dinner on Gothersgade, close to Kongens Nytorv. Good if you're into heavy American-style brunch and for many locals the place to go the morning after a night of heavy drinking. Usually crowded. Less well known and less crowded is their restaurant on Øster Farimagsgade where you can also sit outside if the weather is good.


Café Kejzer on Strandgade has won the Copenhagen "Sandwich of the Year" award two times, and of course both winning sandwiches are on their menu. The menu also includes other light to moderate meals, and a good brunch in the weekend. Strangely, the place is usually not crowded even though you get good food at reasonable (for Copenhagen) prices.

The bakery on the square is one of Copenhagens best, and they have tables by the window where you can sit and eat your breakfast or lunch - or go outside and sit by the canal.

Eating and Drinking on a Budget

There are several places where you can eat a buffet, try a search on AOK the price will probably go up to around 120 DKK per person as most restaurants who offer buffets require you to order something to drink too.

Picnic on Fælledvej, next to Skt Hans Torv, offers decent food at reasonable prices. Main courses from 65-85 DKK, or try the Mezes (salads, mix any one to five), even cheaper. Reasonable prices on soft drinks and beer too.

Blue House on Torvegade, right next to Christianshavn Metro Station, makes affordable sandwiches, and they have a couple of vegetarian choices on the menu. Eat in or take out and sit by the canal.

Also on Torvegade you'll find Spicy Kitchen Café - decent Indian food at reasonable prices.

There is a folk/peoples kitchen every week at the following places and times, A full plate full of food usually costs 20 kroner and there are usually many nice people to meet.

Tuesdays - 7pm Kfax - This is on Korsgade, near the lakes. Really freindly people and you can also help out there by turning up a couple of hours early

Thursdays at Den ´Økologiske Produktions Skole at 8pm on ravnsborggade Every last Friday of the month there is a feminist folk kitchen at The folk house on Stengade

On sunday there is brunch at the folk house at 11am Usually at the folk/people kitchens all food is vegetarian or vegan if you have any spare food to bring too add to the meal it is usually appreciated (eg lots of pastys your shop was going to throw out!)

For a really nice organic vegetable meal however, you should go to Christiania and try out Grønsagen (the Vegetable) or Morgenstedet (The morning place)

Also for excellent vegi and vegan food (some are also gluten and nut free) try Estin at Lille Strandstræde 13, just off Nyhavn (the harbour). 12 freshly made dishes to choose from and prices start at 45 DKK. Not open weekends.

Nørrebrogade is the street most packed with cheap Sharwarma places you can get a falaffel or Sharwarma for 20-50 DKK.

Day Trips

It is possible to get all around Denmark in a day, it is also advisable to visit Sweden since it's very near.

Helsingør and Helsingborg is some nice cities to visit, Helsingør with Kronborg castle, the setting of Shakespeares Hamlet, and a very cheap ferry to Helsingborg.

Malmö in southern Sweden is about 30 minutes from Copenhagen by train. Train leaves every 20 minutes.

Roskilde with the Viking ship museum and cathedral is also about half an hour from Copenhagen by train, with several trains every hour.

Useful Links

Hostels and Cheap Hotels

  • Generator Hostel Copenhagen brand new cheap and great hostel in the center of Copenhagen. Bed in a 8 bed dorm around 130 DDK. Otherwise look at the site for prices.
  • Sleep-in-green (opens around June) an organic hostel with three dorms with 8, 20 and 38 beds, 85-120 DKK per night.
  • Sleep in Heaven 120-130 DKK per night
  • Danhostel 130-165 DKK per night

Looking for a room/apartment

Be advised that it is very difficult to find a room in Copenhagen and you will most likely have to look for something outside the city.

It is important to notice that according to danish legislation, it´s not permitted to take a large fee for apartment rental like 500 - 1.000 Kr as many online organisations do. It is permitted to take around 125 - 200 Kr pr year for this service.

Some places to look for apartments


  • Jobs in Copenhagen - English speaking employment opportunities in Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark.