Group actions

Our tasks

Every day people are sending messages through the contact us page

  • to make suggestions, report bugs, understand something, etc.,
  • to complain (organization of the site, certain rules or other members or volunteers), or
  • to give a feedback or share a nice experience they had through BeWelcome.

All of these e-mails have to be taken care of. Answers need to be found, problems solved, apologies made for mistakes on our side. Angry members need to be calmed down in a friendly and polite way. Often we have to be in touch with other teams to find out about problems in the respective area and to pass on suggestions or feedback concerning their work.

The Support Team is in charge of replying to these messages (main task) and to keep the FAQs up-to-date.

Our Tool: OTRS

The tool that Support Team is using is Open Ticket Request System.


In order to get familiar to OTRS there is a interesting wiki that we suggest to check: OTRS HOW-TO

Be welcome in the Support Team!


Please contact girandoliere to join the Support Team.

What skills / knowledge do you need to help?

  • You should enjoy communicating with members by e-mail and 'be good with words' (kindly )
  • You should be have decent English skills and be able to offer one or two other languages (very much needed: "Russian, Spanish, Turkish").
  • You should know your way around the site. But don't worry, you can learn a lot 'on the job' once you are a volunteer in the team. You only need to be willing to find out more about the website, technical problems and routines of other teams.

How much time should you be able to spend on this task?

Our suggestion is to dedicate at least one hour per week to this task.

It would be a good idea to spend some more time in the beginning, since you still have to learn how to use OTRS, the software we are using to answer feedbacks and mails.

It is also advisable to work regularly since you will have a better overview of the current issues and how to deal with them. Of course you can take a break or cut down your volunteering later, but in the beginning one hour per week is a minimum.

How can you learn the tasks ?

Before answering real feedback and emails, a member of the team will teach you how to handle it properly. You will first only answer �training� messages in the OTRS, so that your mentor can give you advice if needed. At the end of the training phase you will get an access to real OTRS tickets, and will start being a very helpful volunteer! Nobody can know everything, and the volunteers really work as a team. Sometimes, you will not know how to handle an OTRS ticket. You can then write a note in the OTRS or open a topic in the team group, so that your problem will be discussed with other vols!

Mentoring Phase

After the first contact and the access to the tool, as a standard procedure, there is a Mentoring phase for any new volunteers.The coordinator or an older member became your mentor during a training: give you a guide "how use OTRS" and then a proper training into OTRS. Is it just a bit of time (usually 10days but it depends by how available are the people) for get confident with tools and its system, and learn how to handle several kind of tickets. Then you can start take caring about the be welcome's member request (splitted in different queue)

Active members of the Support Team and languages covered

Current Coordinator

Current Active Members

We could defintely use volunteers with Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, French

Current Needs

We especially need volunteers with the following languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • French

volunteers with a technical background that are willing to a) help members with technical problems b) try to reproduce reported errors and open ticket on Github