Group actions

This is the central page for volunteering information.

BeWelcome is exclusively run by volunteers, in a democratic way. You'll find below information about the tools and structures we use for organising.

If you wanted to know about BeVolunteer, the legal entity that represents BeWelcome, check this page.

Team Groups

This is the main volunteer group. There are a couple of other groups for volunteers that are working on a specific task:

Volunteers from all teams are ruled by the Volunteer code of conduct


The mailing lists provide quick, comfortable and reliable communication to the teams that need it. The mailing list are meant for technical discussions only and shouldn't be used for decision making.

Bug tracker

For the current platform, running BeWelcome (ROX) we use this bugtracker:

For the future Drupal project see:

More info about development.


We're using two wikis. One is integrated within BW and you're reading it right now. The other is network-agnostic wiki that is separate from BW: couchwiki. You need a separate account for that one.

Other tools

Those are rather specialized tools maintained for the teams that need them:


The tools of the support team. If you send a message to "contact us" it will go to OTRS. Get in touch with the support team to get access.

OTRS - How-To

Real life meetings

There has been and will be more Volunteer Meetings. Organize one!

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