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Ecological Trips, Ecology, Animals' Rights, WOOF, Permaculture, Ecologic Transport, No-Nukes ☼
This group is for:
~Ecological Trips
~Ecological / environmental activities,
~Antinuclear movement & Alternative Resources
~Animals' Rights,
~Naturalism and Natural Sciences
~Ecologic Sports/Transport (as Cycling).

"Earth Song"

~☼Ecological Trips
♣ Hitchhiking, Backpacking:

-Worldwide Links for Hitchhiking, Backpacking and
Budget Road Travel Info: Some links
-Hitch International with Ride Board:
Pacific Hitchhikers Links for Hitching:
-Hitch-hiking clubs in Russia: and (you can ask in
English on their forums)

♣ Cycling, Biketourism:
Bikes for Share
In Spanish:
Vías Verdes
-Bicycle forums (are also a great site for touring help):
Crazy Guy On a Bike

♣ Covoiturage:

Nuclear Power? No, thanx
Por qué ser antinuclear (Why we're against Nuclear Power)
For a Future

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