Group actions

This group is where you can talk about how BeWelcome greets the new members of our community.

This group (New Member BeWelcome Group) is public and anyone can join and participate. If you feel like writing and reading about any topics related to welcoming new community members, you're invited post a discussion entry in this group. You are new yourself? You can share your impressions and experience about just having joined the community.

How you volunteer as a Welcomer is explained here in this Wiki. Following this link you'll find the most current version of:

  • Purpose of the NMBW team (the "Welcomers")
  • Purpose of the two NMBW groups
  • Becoming a Welcomer (application process for volunteers)
  • General Application Requirements for NMBW Team members
  • Guide to a good greeting message
  • List of useful hyperlinks
  • History

Get in contact

  • Join this group and open a group discussion.
  • For specific questions get in contact with the Welcomers or with the Supporters here
  • For becoming a member of the New Member BeWelcome Team, please check the Wiki linked above.