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Originally, I am looking for people to have (a) sailboat(s) together a bit like the "hospitality exchange at home" idea:

While airplanes deposit CO2 in the breathing air (and even in up to 30.000 ft where no tree could process that CO2), a sailboat costs no fuel, wind is free and traveling speed corresponds much more to human speed than airplanes or even trains do. brought me to my idea: they are a commercial concept by Daimler Mercedes,
(cars are supplied in the city, to be localized by an internet map, and are paid per minute of use)

why not starting the same thing with sailboats (7-8m Gfk plastic, i.e. 700kg, sword rather than keel, or kimmkeel, and a cabin for 4-5 to sleep, ev. with a removable bottomless tent for the deck use of a chemical toilet or as washroom)

estimated costs: 5000,- to 10.000,- (most time including an outboarder motor or even a dinghi and trailer to transport it over streets)

imagined operational basis:
a) group members buy it and take others with them -- or leave it to others -- on the hospitality basis of the Bewelcome concept,
(for longer trips along the coasts or on lakes)
b) group members having a boat user another one of other group members in their destination location (for example for holidays)
c) in the sense of an airplane refusal movement, boats could go forth and back between islands or continents, for example continental europe / GB / Denmark / Scandinavia, or as well in the /over the Mediterranean, or as well Japan / Korea / Philippines / Indonesia etc.

so, if people have time rather than money, -- which is increasingly the case since the 1990ies -- this could expand into a travel philosophy: yes having time, yes going here and there, yes enjoying both the way and the target, yes meeting people underways and at the destination, no paying no fuel, no using no airplane (not even trains or cars), no buying not every day in a supermarket but rather do fishing every day, no DEcelerating instead hurrying more and more, no destroying NOT climate and environment and resources in always increasing speed and intensity ...

Anybody interested? ==> dont hesitate to comment and join and post ! its an open group and you are quite welcome !

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