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Serbia (Srbija) is a safe and welcoming place to visit, travelers usually get delighted when they realize they feel much more safe and welcome here than in many EU countries and how much fun they can have in Serbia. And they often stay much longer than they planned and come back regularly, so be sure to have a flexible schedule in case you also decide to stay longer:).

Serbia is a candidate for EU, and EU citizens with biometric ID cards can enter without a passport. The citizens of Switzerland and Norway also. The citizens of many other countries, like USA, Russia, Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc. need just a passport, not a visa.

The most exciting spot is undoubtedly its capital, Belgrade, a gritty, energetic city. Cultural buffs can revel in its architecture and museums, foodies in its restaurants, while party animals will get no rest exploring its incessant nightlife.The biggest festival in Beograd is Belgrade Beer Fest, and it is not only about beer:), it is about music and socializing also.

Vojvodina's flat plains and the tranquil Fruška Gora monasteries provide an effective antidote to urban chaos, while Novi Sad is home to the world-famous Exit music festival. Subotica is also a beautiful city, and Palic Lake is just around the corner from it:). Also, don't forget Sremski Karlovci.

Southern Serbia is a land of lush rolling hills and wooded valleys brushing up against rugged mountains. The medieval monasteries of Manasija, Sopoćani, Studenica, and the city of Niš are definitely worth visiting, while the mountains of Zlatibor and Kopaonik provide snow fun in winter and glorious hiking in summer. Mosques mix with monasteries in Novi Pazar, where life in the Turkish quarter continues much as it did a century ago when the Turks were still in power. There is also a world famous crazy trumpet festival in Guca every year.

This group is a kind of a ressurection:) of the group we had on Hospitality Club.

So people, welcome to Serbia.

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