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KLÖDEN LATE SUMMER CAMP 2009, August 28 - 31, Welcome in the middle of nowhere ;)

posted 2009/04/30 13:33    Visibility: World

Dear members, volunteers, wave catchers, hcpf’s, hugging group, pineapple
friends and all others,

We will do it again!!! :)

Let’s celebrate the third KLÖDEN LATE SUMMER CAMP with undisturbed party’s in
the middle of a beautiful landscape. Klöden is a little lovely German village.
Familiar atmosphere with addicted hospitality members and far from any semblance
of civilization ;) there will be enough space for chatting, chilling out,
swimming, doing nothing and having a great time together…

When: August 28 – August 31 2009
Where: Germany, Klöden Festplatz (Dorfstraße, 06917 Klöden)
What: Workshops, adventures, lot of fun, cultural exchange, music,
Who: CS, HC,BW members and friends
Why: you must come and than you will see ;)

planned highlights:
- fresh bread backing workshop (for all who missed it 2007) for our all lunch
- swimming contest in the lake
- famous Klöden sightseeing tour #3

and much more…

This event as all hospitality meetings, live from its participants. Get active and start a workshop, presentation, activity etc. (if you need something I will try to organize it for you - let me know before)

more information and registration:

latest news:

Hope to see you there!!

Manuel ( cs/hc/bw crumbking)

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Available translations:[Original en] [fr]

Together with some locals I lumbered us some wood for the fireplace and for the community oven for the bread and the pizzas. So we are safe for a cold night. We will have a warm and cozy fire ;)

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Wooo, already 55 people. What about you?

We encourage especially families to join our camp. So if you and your family wanna have a small holiday to spend near a lake between wide meadows, feel free to join us. If you need any assistance feel free to contact me.

What should we cook Saturday on the Camp? Last time we cooked vegetarian pasta, year before Saltibarscai. Something vegetarian,100 people, easy to prepeare, any idea?  Cooking together is always good to get to know eachother ;)

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 cool, looking forward to see you in Klöden.


I just updated the train->bus section on

Also for all enviroment friendly travellers: There is also the option to go by bike along the "Elbradweg" R2. If you follow this bike path along the river Elbe you will end directly on our Camp site ;)

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Over the weekend we planned the food and lunch we wanna cook and bake together. We will start Friday with baking some bread in a private outdoor oven. We will bake ciabatta, rye breads and maybe some other things...

On Saturday we will have our "soup project". We are still looking for some recipe but we will do it in a vegetarian style or if the fireplace will be wide enough we cook both: veggie and non veggie. These soup will go perfectly with the fresh bread we baked on Friday.

On Sunday afternoon we will have the pizza baking workshop for our dinner Sunday evening. We wanna make all kind of pizzas with salami, onions, mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes, pineapple, ham and whatever you like...

If you have a great idea for a pizza or a wonderful recipe for the soup, let us know before. We will get the ingredients...
27th of August is the shopping day...for getting all things we need...

looking froward to see you in Klöden :)


posted 2009/08/26 14:57    Visibility: World

here our fresh program:

### program ###

Friday morning: get to know each other, preparing location, building tents, moving firewood

Friday afternoon: bread bakery workshop, plums and apple picking for all of us

Friday evening: party with own music

Friday midnight: midnight swims on your own risk, following the East German “Freikörperkultur” traditions, hehe ;)

Saturday morning: cleaning location together, having outdoor breakfast together (hopefully with sun :)

Saturday noon/afternoon: soup project “Ratatoville ala` France” / adventure cooking over the fireplace

Saturday evening: famous night version of “Klöden sightseeing tour without sights but some surprises part #1”, later chilling and singing around the fireplace

Sunday morning: cleaning location together, having shared breakfast

Sunday afternoon: Pizza workshop near Klöden church with optional possibility to climb the church tower to enjoy the view over Klödens landscape

Sunday night: famous night version of “Klöden sightseeing tour without sights but some surprises part #2” (volunteers with acting experiences needed…)

Monday morning: cleaning location together, having shared breakfast

Monday noon: improvement cooking with all food which is left

Monday afternoon: dismantling the installations and famous after party