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Linking a profile to another

posted 2007/05/30 11:38    Visibility: World



 I would like to link the profile of a good friend of mine to my profile in the way other ppl already have done it. 

I was looking on my profile for an option: "Linking profile to another" or something like that, but didn't find it. 

How can I do that?


Take care,


posted 2007/05/30 13:46    Visibility: World


The solution is to work from the profile of the person  you want to link your profile to.

 Just go to your friend's profile and click on 'Add a relation' on the left of the page, you will be taken to a window where you can specify your relation (close friend, partner, family, flat mate) and also add a short personal comment to describe that relation.

 The relation will be shown as soon as that other person will have approved it.

 Thanks for bringing this up, I will add the question to the FAQs.