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BeVolunteer General Assembly 2009 - BeWelcome meeting

posted 2009/02/27 10:22    Visibility: World
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Hi there,

Every year the BeVolunteer, the official and registered organization behind BeWelcome, should have a General Assembly (GA). There are some obligatory issues like the election of the Board of Directors, the financial report and a general report about the previous year, but other than that we are free to discuss whatever looks important. While only BeVolunteer members can actually vote, the whole GA is open for anybody interested.

The next General Assembly should take place some time between May and July and it should possibly be a real-life meeting with the possibility to participate online, too. We are currently looking for a good location and are asking YOU for help and suggestions. The location should 


  • be suitable for 10-30 people
  • have internet connection (possibly for many computers)
  • have electricity
  • be suitable for a hospex party for many more people


The party can of course take place in a different location or just a pub. Last year we had the luxury of sleeping at the location of the GA - for free,  thanks to a very generous donation, but it is also possible to look for hosts individually. 

In the past GAs took place in Belgium and Germany, so it might be nice to have some place different - maybe a bit warmer ;-) this year.

 We are looking forward to many good ideas, suggestions and maybe invitations!


Claudia (for the BoD of BeVolunteer)

posted 2009/02/28 15:24    Visibility: World

Hi Claudia,

no doubt you'd like a sunny place for the meeting :-) Barcelona wouldn't be bad for a start, unfortunately I have now idea how much time I ll have in summer.

Are there any members from Barcelona or around interested in hosting the meeting? 


posted 2009/02/28 17:47    Visibility: World

Hello, if it is in barcelona, I'll try to go. There is a place in Molina my town, but I am not sure if they have internet. However the place is beautiful. I will say something when I check it.

posted 2009/02/28 19:02    Visibility: World

in porto, portugal. there's social people will be glad to receive you, and you will be glad of seeing the this the city. if on may i may go


if it's ion july and want to have it in a beachy towny mediterranean place, around valencia let me know.. 

posted 2009/03/01 10:18    Visibility: World



With the 'weak' pound England or Great Britain could be good places to visit. Say at this festival ( I can ask the organiser)


But someone on BeWelcome informed me about the scary new UK Gov's way of monitering tourists so that could be a problem!


Maybe The meeting could take place at another event/festival to 'kill two birds with one stone' and make it into a promotional event to spread the word:)



posted 2009/03/01 10:49    Visibility: World

How about the Netherlands?

Delft is beautiful :)


posted 2009/03/02 17:04    Visibility: World

bonjour  ci bien de donne un peux d'aide   j'aimerai bien  aide  je peux faire une proposition   pour koi pas venire chey nous est faire  l'assemblée generale 2009  oui ci  cool etre en centre algerien ou ya tous ce que vous vouler esser bien de visiter mon site  est apres on peut faire un programe  je peux programier  ca pour vous tous 10.....20  ya  un cant de  nos fortes ci geniale  abientot..@°+°

posted 2009/03/03 16:47    Visibility: World

Here is my proposal.

Place: Molina de Aragón (Spain)

Dates, a weekend, could be in may or june. Not available on the first of may and summer.

Sleep place, hostel, 3 km away to Molina, 50 lits and camping place for one hundred people. The price is 24 E per person and it includes:

friday night

saturday night and three meals

sunday breakfast

(price calculated for a group of thirty people, more people, lower price, less people, higher price, minimum ten persons) We book the hostel as a whole. If we are less than ten, I will find accomodation for all of you in my friend's houses.

Meeting place for the assembly. Local School for Adults. The townhall let us use it but they will probably charge us... not clear yet. There is a hall for around forty people, wifi internet available.

The sooner we take a decission, the easier to arrange everything.

posted 2009/03/03 17:32    Visibility: World

How to get there? Train, Airplane, Car, Hitchhiking..?

posted 2009/03/03 19:07    Visibility: World
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@Enrique this place ?Molina_de_Aragón


posted 2009/03/03 20:59    Visibility: World

yes! this is our castle! it is empty right now, but we keep it in case of napoleon comes here and tries to burn Molina again... Molina never surrenders! and napoleon burnt the city... :-) There are two ways to visit the castle, the illegal one and the legal one, we'll talk about it in the assembly...

How to reach here... this is a problem. It is far away to everywhere.

By plane, the best is Madrid airport. Valencia and Zaragoza are also nearby. Then, in any case, you have two hundred km to come here. You can rent a car in the airport or come by bus.

By bus. There are buses from Madrid , Valencia and Zaragoza. There are not many so attention to the schedules.

Madrid - Valencia 


There is no train.

By car. Molina is in the national road N211. From madrid, take A2 direction zaragoza. Get out in Alcolea. From Valencia, take the highway to Zaragoza. From Zaragoza, take the highway direction Valencia :-) Get out in Monreal.

For JY, Down down down to the basque country, cross the border in Irun and down to Pamplona and down east to Zaragoza. About 1000 - 1200 km, one day driving.

For the germans, down to France, Lyon and down to the border in Catalonia. Meet kiwiflave in Barcelona :-)

Hitch hicking in Spain? are you kidding? 


posted 2009/03/03 21:04    Visibility: World

I forgot! wifi internet, so you need to bring your laptops with you ready to find the rebel spanish nets...

posted 2009/03/04 19:56    Visibility: World

Wow, it certainly looks wonderful! Thanks a lot for all your research, Quique!!!

Not so important for the GA, but we have a baby, so how hot is it usually in May / June?

Would we have to prepare the meals or would it be hostel staff?

 Now, what does everybody think of it? Who would join?

 Already looking forward to it....

posted 2009/03/04 20:33    Visibility: World

hello Claudia,


Weather? nobody knows, could be very warm or could be cold... usually it is no very bad. statistics here:

and newmummie... caitlin is stronger than you!

The hostel staff will prepare it. Two persons, cooker and assitant. It is included in the price but I would like to talk to them make sure that they cook something really good... even if it is a bit more expensive...

if you need special meals for caitlin let me know and also all those who could be vegans, or allergic or whatever. 


posted 2009/03/05 07:31    Visibility: World

Hi Guys,

the place looks amazing but for me the problem is the distance between airport and the place. If I can only come over the weekend (no days off) than spending 3h one way to get there from an airport will take too much of my time...

When it comes to dates, I cannot do it on the weekend of 17th of MAy but I really would like to come!



posted 2009/03/05 07:48    Visibility: World

The place looks marvelouse.

Would be great  to have the GA there.

posted 2009/03/05 15:09    Visibility: World

Hi guys!Why not Tunisia ;) I am preparing on Mai (first week) the first camp of Arab travelers, in south Tunisia in aim to organise many conferences with students and motivate them to travel (using BW, HC, CS..)

After we go to desert for 3-4 days...You can join us..

(link to see details of our meetings : )



posted 2009/03/05 15:54    Visibility: World

Hello Choukri, may be you should describe a bit more (I don't want to register in FaceBook).

The offer from Enrique in spain could be a good one. In other hand, it will be very good to have a GA not in Europe. One thing to consider however is that a minimum logistic to allow the BV volunteer to work efficiently for at least to day (Internet for example) is required.

Anyway, Tunisia is (another) great country, please, just avoid Djerba ;-)

posted 2009/03/05 17:17    Visibility: World
last edited on 2009/03/05 18:19 by bwadmin

Hi Jean Yves !

Sure, I posted a topic in the forum here with all the details :

The idea is because our camp goal is to promote all actions that make people closer, we had invited many big travelers to speak directly with students of this city (many conferences are planned with students of 5 universites about the importance to meet the other, travels,...), you can also join us to speak for one day with theses students about BeWelcome..

In the same time, as we are preparing all logistic, we can prepare for you everything you need (meetings rooms in the student cultural center, Internet is available for sure (adsl 1giga in Tunisia), accomodation, etc.

So this will make many events and actions in same big camp and as we are preparing for our group, it is easy for us to prepare for you also... 


posted 2009/03/05 17:38    Visibility: World

Manhattan!!!It is an island  designed with youths in mind.

Central Park in late Spring is perfect. 

Caveat: You guys may not get any work done. Too many exciting things to get lost in.

posted 2009/03/05 18:43    Visibility: World

This is where we can hold the assembly, the former Molina high school, now an offices building. Next pics are: the "hotel" and the sourroundings, my cherokee territory.


Competing with choukri... sorry, yours is a very good proposal and I would like to go, but I can't this year... I have plans already. Otherwise, your idea tempts me a lot... i would cancel my offer or offer it anyway but without me and go there with you!

I would keep it in mind for next year. In the meanwhile, I want to meet these lovely people so I still keep my offer.

manhattan, you said?

posted 2009/03/05 18:58    Visibility: World

maria, yes this is a problem. Not only three hours bus trip but also the time to get the center from the airport, and back... and the timetables...

I can offer a ride with my car, it's all I can do... but anyway if someone in a city makes an offer, it's the best for those in a hurry. Something like Paris, Berlin, Barcelona... even Tunisia is better in this sense.

posted 2009/03/05 19:14    Visibility: World

@ Maria & Enrique,

 Yes, true that it is quite a long way from the airport, but then again remember Monnai, that was also in the middle of Nowhere (no offence intended to Pierre-Charles who helped organizing it) and I heard from many people that it was the best camp ever.

 Sometimes holding it in a far-away place may bring the most motivated members.....mmmh, having said that, let's hold it in Iceland or Greenland :)

posted 2009/03/05 22:32    Visibility: World

I guess another place would be a good idea to give other people the chance to attend the GA. But you are welcome this year again to Linuxhotel, it was nice to have you here ;-)

posted 2009/03/06 10:22    Visibility: World

May be I should give you more informations to help you to take your decision :


- The date of our Big meeting is 02-06 May : between two Fridays of holidays of 01 and 08 of May
- We are now in very close contact with local cultural autorities who promised us to support our action, we
asked to have many things : transport for free (bus with driver), conferences rooms, accomodation, diners, etc. We start to
receive some confirmations and we are quit confident to have more (as it is the first time an event like this took place in Tunisia)
- Many media confirm that they will be there :local television and many newspapers and radios (we are now trying to get an interview with Aljazeera)
- I was in Monnai camp witch was very much fun, but our Big meeting is different : We expect to go to work, attract attention of people, media, etc. then
after this work we planned to go to have some activities/rest in the desert
- The place of the meeting is not touristic city, it is autentic tunisian city , witch is for us is more symbolic to speak with theses people little isolated from
the world, but Gabes is on the sea, and very close to mountains and desert...
- You need two full days to work so you can choose either to make them in Gabes (city where conferences took place) or in Matmata (here you are really isolated..)...

If you tell me how many persons you are and what do you need exactly, I can make some calls in Tunisia to confirm what exactly you will have (hotels, etc.)


posted 2009/03/06 10:32    Visibility: World

I think the Tunisia Camp is a very interesting event but it s not suitable for the GA of BeVolunteer.

On the GA we have to take care about our organization.
Networking with other individuals or organizations should take place at another time.

So I suggest to debate the  Tunisia Camp in this thread and discuss here about a place for the General Assembly of BeVolunteer.

posted 2009/03/06 12:16    Visibility: World

I agree to Fabian. Neither a southern Tunisian dessert town nor the middle of medieval Spain (:-)) are really suited for people who at the most could attend an afternoon or two. The place should be easily accessible to the majority of volunteers with close airport (low cost even better).

Unfortunately I can t contribute anything more productive. As a freelance journalist I might or migh not have time :-(

posted 2009/03/06 17:27    Visibility: World

Is there skiing in Molina in May?

posted 2009/03/06 17:28    Visibility: World

come on, who is going to what place?

1. medieval Spain

2. Tunisia dessert

3. Essen linux

any other serious else? 

I will go to Spain. I think I cannot go to any other.  So Spain gets one vote/one person.

what about the rest of you? the place that gets more people wins. 

posted 2009/03/09 11:32    Visibility: World

bonjour claudia

je propose la provence dans le var en france

pourquoi pas un minuscule village

en tant qu'asso j'ai acces au salle des fetes jusque 150 personnes et je propose un gite 8 personnes avec piscine suivant disponibilite de la dates , le village a 1 camping et des locations divers en +

connection wifi


a suivre ....bisou a tous

lolie "asso femmes plurielles;fr


posted 2009/03/10 20:16    Visibility: World

No, you cannot sky in Molina. We have snow in winter but no sky resort...

Anyway, I cancel the Molina offer. Guys, you will make me mad. I need to organize everything, talk to many people, give money in advance... and nobody says anything for sure. Thus, no Molina.


posted 2009/03/10 20:38    Visibility: World
last edited on 2009/03/10 21:40 by RETIRED_6663

OK.... so go all the way, de luxe..... that means New York New York, baby!

Here, there will be zero probs with transportation. You don't need indoor facility for meetings. You can do it right in the middle of Central Park. The whole city is hot spot for wifi internet. Foods are inexpensive (if you know how...leave it to us, locals) and New Yorkers are the friendliest people on earth. And Manhattan is the safest, bar none. I promise.

You're only young once. The Big Apple may not be for lovers, but it is for the youths of the world. New York City and Youths...they are meant for each other...

...especially in Spring. Perfect!


Last words: do it now before the USD bounces back.

posted 2009/03/22 14:57    Visibility: World

Sorry Enrique, it was and still is a good offer but given the open nature of this commmunity, its difficult to come to some agreement quickly. I am sure there was no slight / offence intended! We don't have anyone saying the event takes palce in X between X and Y. Thats simply the nature of BW.

Given that most members who have have shown most interest are European, i think it it should be in Europe, preferably beside  a low cost airport/ ferry port with access to a campground.  I would like to attend ..if such an event comes to fruition but it needs a 1/2 volunteers who are better located and more motivated than I. Lets try and keep the discussion going and see what happens!



posted 2009/03/22 16:19    Visibility: World

I know that this is the nature of BW and I am not upset. Given that this is the nature of BW, I don't want to organize a big event in my town.

posted 2009/03/22 20:49    Visibility: World
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at (porto) it's posible to meet-sleep-cook-www- and merge with other activities at the same time.

local people could help in the event, not sure about how much in the publicity.. you can come earlier... 

there is ryanair at porto and also at santiago(around 50$ return to porto) , not sure about if vigo(20$ return to porto) or lisboa(30$).  

 sorry not have posted it before, but i was sure about the dates of it and mines

i surely should be still there by then

posted 2009/03/27 18:39    Visibility: World
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which date have meeting be hold?


could it be later in the year as well?  lets say end of summer?

Mmm but maybe Germany once again is not a good idea?

posted 2009/03/28 15:44    Visibility: World

I think May/June is a good date because it fits our yearly rhythm. Also I agree with subaculture that the meeting should be in Europe this time because by far most of the volunteers come from (Northern) Europe. With a good meeting outline, a voting opportunity and maybe even video conference facilities most interested people could join in one way or another. 

It's now up to the BoD to make a decision, I guess. After all it's almost April and things need to be planned:-)

P.S. If the meeting is in June and somewhere around Germany I might be able to join :o)

posted 2009/03/28 17:23    Visibility: World

Maybe somewhere in France could be also an option? Because that is where it all started, and after Belgium and Germany it would be a change and still easily reachable for volunteers from Europe (still the biggest group, unfortunately).

 But whatever location we choose, we should not wait too long. I guess it will be one of the main points at the next Bod meeting. 


posted 2009/04/09 20:06    Visibility: World

May be time is coming to try to start to make a choice.

Personnaly I would love doing it in Tunisia, but since the very beginning of this forum, May first is a bit early for a BV GA.
@Chou33: do you think next year you will do some similar event ? Given time may be we could merge the opportunities ?

@All : I really think that The Tunisia project of Chou33 is an intersting one (I don't only says this because a friend of mine has great opinion about Choukri) If you think you could join it say it, and also try to think how cool it could be to do a GA outside from Europe !

 @Thorgal67 : France could be good, Rennes where BeVolunteer is registrated to, but  someone has to organize it, really I cannot do it.I don't think the offer of lolievar83 in France too is reliable, in fact I have no news of her


So are they last offers ? When shoudl we start the vote for the place (and then the time) ?

posted 2009/04/09 20:20    Visibility: World

@JY: yes, Chou33's offer is a very interesting one, and I would love to hear more about it. Still, as you write, the beginning of May is too early and we have to make sure that the largest number of BeVolunteer members can attend (as written in the Statutes).

Maybe we can try to organize something (not necessarily the GA) in tunisia in the future? On a personal note:  I've never been to North Africa,  it would be the perfect opportunity.

I would like to make a suggestion myself for a place (and time) of this year's GA: Grimbergen (in Belgium), famous for its beer and a very pleasant location.

Claudia and I just moved there and we can offer the following :

- Close to Brussels, easy to reach by public transport

- Easy to find accommodation, Brussels is an active BW city

- No problems finding a venue to party on Saturday night

- Wlan and Lan connections at our home, big meeting room

I can take care of organizing the GA, preferably at the end of June, beginning of July.

Anybody in favour? What are the most convenient dates?

posted 2009/04/21 19:27    Visibility: World

Hi all

Personally, France or Belgium would be best for me. Spain would be ok too, but the main thing is public transport nearby. Also, that the GA is not on 1st of May.


Peter - Fake

posted 2009/04/23 19:19    Visibility: World

the best date for me is June 19 - 20 - 21st. because I don't work in June 19.

Frank, I don't need accomodation in Brussels. what the hell. You will accomodate me. I can sleep in a corner...

Looking forward to meet you three.


posted 2009/04/24 18:54    Visibility: World
last edited on 2009/04/24 21:10 by bwadmin

To keep this thread up to date I paste the email Frank sent to the BV members today: 

The BoD are happy to inform you that the next (3rd) General Assembly meeting of BeVolunteer will be held in Grimbergen, Belgium.

Grimbergen, located 10 km north of Brussels, is easily accessible by plane, public transport, HH, or cycling.

We have created a poll on the BeVolunteer Forum and would like you to help us set the date for this event. :

There are two options :

- June 20 & 21
- July 11 & 12

Please choose the date that suits you best. As always we will try to make sure as many members as possible can join us, whether it is in real-life or online. But we hope most of you can make it personally to Grimbergen.

See you all soon!

[edited by BWADMIN link problem @Florian: (from jeanyves) This bug is a pain uneasys to fix but we will find it]

posted 2009/04/24 19:03    Visibility: World

P.S. I get a nasty bug every time I post (Its already reported). And the links don t seem to work properly :-(

posted 2009/06/10 05:27    Visibility: World


Do you have a timetable set for the days already? It would be good to know for my plans that at what time does everything start on the 11th. We will arrive from Amsterdam on 11th.



posted 2009/06/11 21:47    Visibility: World

Hannu, we would start the GA at 10 am on 11th

posted 2009/06/13 13:41    Visibility: World

Damn, 10AM is a bit too early for Maria and I to make. We'll be there not much later but we won't make it for 10 I'm afraid. Oh well, we'll be there most of the GA :)



Peter - Fake51

posted 2009/07/02 12:52    Visibility: World

i thought the GA and the media event afterwards were supposed to be open to everyone. with exception for the voting rights of course....

but i don't see any advertising on the be welcome main page. the only hint i got, was the newsletter from june 2009.

and so far advertising might be good, as there are only 9 confirmed participants...


i don't know yet, if i'm able to take part. but for me the journey to brussels only makes sense for the whole package (GA, even without voting rights + media event)

kiwiflave, that parallel meeting in berlin also sounds tempting...



posted 2009/07/02 13:14    Visibility: World

I agree with that what Johannes says. Advertising sounds reasonable.

posted 2009/07/03 12:45    Visibility: World

Is it realistic to be hosted in Brussels?

posted 2009/07/03 13:05    Visibility: World


Frank told me yesterday he had a list of great hosts in Brussels.  Ask him for details and see you at the GA.

posted 2009/07/10 08:27    Visibility: World

I am so sorry that we cannot come to the GA.

But we are going to Poland this weekend.

I wish you a great GA and hopefully we will see us next time.