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Old Red Lion Theatre Pub - Sat 27.09 - London

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posted 2008/09/23 13:32    Visibility: World

I have just bought tickets for BACK OF THE THROAT play in Old Red Lion Theatre and was wondering if anyone else cares for a few beers and some art.

Tickets cost £13 and you can buy them online on

We are going to see the play on Saturday at 7:30pm. If anyone cares to join, let me know and we'll meet in front of the pub.

Hope to see you on Saturday,


posted 2008/09/28 19:12    Visibility: World

Old Red Lion Theatre Pub turned out to be a great place :D Can definitely recommend it to anyone interested in theatre, a nice pint or both at the same time. Maria and I are certain to head back for some more and we'll make sure to post stuff here in case anyone else might be interested (and if you like theatre you should be :) ). Feel free to post here or send us a message if you're up for some theatre.

I'm not yet sure if we'll go to the next thing there, but have a look at

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