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PIP bxl 08/06 6PM

Tags: Meetings

posted 2008/05/15 18:44    Visibility: World

just wanted to put it in here too :

if there are any poispinners : we are having a gathering in "tercamerenbos/bois de la cambre" ... a little meet up with those who like to have fun like children do ;)

some juggling, some chatting, a bit of diabolo, a little laughter, some poi spinning ... and of course we would take some percussions ... could become a nice and lazy sunday afternoon !

would be great if some of you would like to join !


posted 2008/05/21 15:53    Visibility: World

I come after work, maybe with smbd else

 P.S is this the replacement of the jamsessions?

posted 2008/05/21 18:01    Visibility: World

i think ... nobody should stay inside now, just to make some noise ... jawad and krista and others had been saying that a next jam should be outdoors ... but juggling balls are just easier to carry ;)

posted 2008/06/02 16:08    Visibility: World

i know ... nobody is reading it and i have my conversation all by my own ... but just in case : a little change of plans : we will be at 4pm at the parc (bois de la cambre, north side of the lake) instead of 6pm ... after, some will go at an asian dance performance at the ULB ...