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the way of nature and the way of grace?

posted 2012/02/19 11:38    Visibility: World
last edited on 2012/02/19 12:41 by retired_25360

the way of nature:

capitalists want more space for themselves; they want less bureacracy; free markets work better than anything else, but want governments to keep investing in security and border controls in case devastation breaks out and property rights are threatened.

eco-fascists want more space for trees; they're concerned with climate change; they most often evolve out of capitalism

socialists want more space for people; they wonder why a wall street chancer should get paid much more than an A&E nurse in an overcrowded hospital; they question whether capitalism is fair; indeed they make it fairer and human society would be a worse anarchy without them.

green fascists want more bicycle paths; they're concerned with sustainable living; they most often evolve out of socialism.

the common thread here is that we are all survivalist. socialists and capitalists will get on in the work place just as the eco and green fascists will get along with each other in the occupy movement.

the way of grace:

self-critical reflectivists want more nature; as anti-intuitive as it may seem, they believe humans have since a long time become pests to nature in their struggle among one another; the society of players mentioned above creates a stable system that is wiping out the planet; S-C R's believe we've been in ecological overshoot since population went above 100 million people; they agree that all the above players are right, but the solution is not in redistribution or war, but in degrowth towards giving other living beings a chance to exist; that we depend on an ecosystem that we threaten with our lack of self-awareness as a self-important specie; VHEMT is the main example of this movement.

arguments against the way of grace are shallow and badly thought out. we should have more children because ...

as a socialist will surely understand there is 925 mn people hungry, 21 mn of which die each year. this is just now. why does this happen? well if they go North, S, E or W, they will face almost certain death by force as border controls keep them in their mess. they howl in desperation in their final moments, but are more likely to find the way of grace than an overfed westerner.