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posted 2007/12/11 11:41    Visibility: World

There are many bugs, and you probably know that.


I really want to help - I also registered BeVolunteer, but not yet confirmed -

I am a PHP/MySQL programmer, and I can do a lot of QA - I need to know where can I report all of the bugs, and if it possible, how can I also contribute by repairing bugs. (for that, I first need to get familiar with the system...)

 I have a lot of questions, either:

Thanks ahead,

Really - great project. Count me in.



posted 2007/12/11 11:44    Visibility: World

Sorry - I already have one answer - I know where to download the source code from...




posted 2007/12/11 11:48    Visibility: World

It looks like the forum decided to delete all of my "questions"... :-)

They were in enumeration, so probably it's a bug, maybe known, maybe not.

Here they are again (without enumaration)

 - Why do we have "©2007" in the bottom of every page, if this is an open source GPL, and free and open project?

-  Can you explain the line: "We reserve the right to collect further personal information from you that we do not post on BeWelcome?


Thanks again... 

posted 2007/12/12 01:41    Visibility: World

Hey Peleg, good to see you here.

Let me answer about the (c) at the bottom of the page first:

1) You're totally right ;) although I think, this is more something like the typical reaction that a lot of people have when writing webpages: put a name and copyright on it. We released the project under open source just a while ago and couldn't go through all the files yet. Plus: Not everyone in the project is familiar with open source projects yet

2) Although we just put online the latest release, nobody cared about the footer I think. It's needs a redesign anyway. Let me take care of that the next days and weeks :)

About your second question - Quote:
Can you explain the line: "We reserve the right to collect further personal information from you that we do not post on BeWelcome?

This might be your address data (that you can set hidden on the BW-site) or information about your status as a volunteer, messages and posts you wrote, pictures that you uploaded or other things like that. Nothing mysterious actually. It's more a legal term imo. By the way: The terms, statutes and so on are mainly edited by BeVolunteer (the organization behind BeWelcome) and the BoD (Board of Directors of BeVolunteer). They (Well, I'm part of it. Just wanted to say that it's not some abstract entity) are responsible in case of legal problems.

Would be great to have you in the team. Looked over your pages a bit - a lot to read ;) You have to teach me hebrew aswell though...

Drop a line to me ( or Philipp - Dev Team Coordinator ( or we send you an email these days!

so long



posted 2009/09/26 13:29    Visibility: World

the (c) at the bottom of the page is still here...

Why ?

posted 2009/09/27 06:57    Visibility: World
last edited on 2009/09/27 11:10 by bwadmin

About the (c): for what I know nobody never talk about it. I see that Lupochen answer and said it was something to change.

 I am not at all an expert about GPL Licence, I don't know if this (c) is important (does it mean copyright when we want copyleft ?)

If you believe it is important please explain it a bit more, I am sure it can motivate people.

posted 2009/09/27 07:26    Visibility: World



There are two sides two this: 1) the status of the underlying code ad 2) the status of the site. Regarding 1) the underlying code that is BeWelcome, the copyright is owned by BeWelcome and licensed under GPL. In other words, it's free, as long as you follow the terms of the GPL license (don't mistake the GPL license with 'not copyrighted' - without a copyright, no GPL).

Regarding 2) I'm not entirely certain about the status of the design of the site, although I think it is licensed under a CC license. However, the issue here is the same. The creative commons license only works because we have the copyright in the first place. Without the copyright, we would not be in a position to grant anyone any rights, and we would also not be in a position to ensure that the rights are honoured.

I suppose there's a third question: what's the status of the site content? I think that one might be answered in the FAQ somewhere, have a browse.




posted 2009/09/27 12:36    Visibility: World
last edited on 2009/09/27 16:07 by bikepunk

 I browsed the FAQ without any answer about the licenses. I'm up to make the missing pages if someone give me the infos.

Since the exception of beWelcome (compared to the others hopitality networks) is to be based on an open source project, I think this issue is very important to improve and make it clear for everyone...


the answer came from the Open source group :

I read this, wich is pretty clear




posted 2009/09/28 14:01    Visibility: World

I would like to get involved as well. Peter/fake51, I added two of your instant messenger accounts to ask about some technical details, but never saw you online. 


 I wouldn't mind contributing code here and there. My only real concern is that the site is still using its own framework, which is supposedly a mess, instead of any kind of standard API.

posted 2009/09/28 14:25    Visibility: World

@crculver, good to see someone willing to help !

 Peter is the man for your request, try send him a BW message, he always answer.

In the meanwhile , you will find everything you need on: ;

BW Framework is rox, it is based on PT. I think it is not that bad, but true, it is not Zend or CakePHP.

Be happy not be compelled anymore in using what people call Old BW which was even more specific (It was the first version I made in a rush in end 2006, not even a MVC).

Probably in some time (2/3years ?) we will start a move to something more powerful, living BW Rox, but, they are currently no plan to change it, since we have not yet found a dead end with this current system (except that you are to invest a bit of energy in understandting how it works, but is is very classical in fact).

I strongly suggess that  you setup a local environment, choose an easy ticket and propose a fix. If so I am sure that the DEV Team  will pay attention.

If you need some help, feel free to conatct me, I usually answer in less than 24h00


posted 2009/09/28 14:38    Visibility: World

Was there not some push to move to Drupal or something?

posted 2009/09/28 15:13    Visibility: World

There is a discussion somewhere but I am not following it accurately (I am more focused on current bugs).

Nota: several things look intersting with Drupal, but this would be very certainly a big big thing to switch to it

posted 2009/09/28 15:45    Visibility: World

I don't think a Drupal switch would be that big of a deal. These systems are meant to be easy to set up, and importing previously existing content could be done piecemeal with a series of scripts.


I think the actual switching would be best managed by people who have been working up to now. However,  were BW to adopt a standard system, I would then be contributing code on a fairly regular basis (basically anytime I see something not work the way I want it). Please think about it.

posted 2009/09/28 17:31    Visibility: World

A lot has been written about Drupal vs not Drupal. I don't remember where exactly, I guess somewhere on the wiki or trac, but very much on the mailing list.

One critical (yet unanswered) question was if regular release management  would be as robust and easy as it is now. Right now most functionality is defined in the code, so a release basically means to update the codebase. Drupal does much more in the DB, so this can be more tricky. And, you don't see on SVN if someone has created a new content type via the admin interface (content types typically live in the DB only).

Imo, IF we want to try Drupal, the way to go would not be, as you say, that the core devs do the move, and others jump in later. Instead, I would say, one person who actually knows Drupal more than others (one day that could be myself) makes a public demo install, and we can see how it works.

Technically it would be a completely new and different project. 

posted 2009/09/28 18:51    Visibility: World

Philip started a project page at assembla, I set up a test scenario for bw-drupal, some people looked into it, some people bashed us for doing so (including a nasty mail), some more joined the discussion here:,-drupal-and-whatever - nothing of it results into a working plan, obviously right now there is no group able and willing to start a different attempt seriously. Therefor it seems to be resonable for me to go on with the existing software, unless there is a significant action from a group of reliable people showing working alternatives. Right now I say so even if I was a fan of using drupal for quite a while.By coincidence: I've marked the result/brainstorm attempt as outdated yesterday - see (no other authors than guaka and me anyway.)

posted 2009/09/28 19:47    Visibility: World

who bashed you??
The test scenario is shut down at the moment, unfortunately. I would have a second look if you enable it (and maybe give me some access rights?)

posted 2009/09/28 21:04    Visibility: World

The test scenario on my server is history and down the drain. Keeping it up to date for nothing wasn't my kind of fun. And as I wrote before: as long as there is no serious attempt to check things out, I don't follow this way anymore ... still enough little and not so little things to do here. Most important: create an active userbase. That's not a technical issue. Furthermore as a result of brainstorming with matrixpoint (& mahouni) when it comes to technical aspects again I'd like to think more about decentralized, user-based technics. Server and services have been fun and may be useful for quite a while, but probably the interesting part of the virtual networking future is somewhere else. As far as I'm concerned facespace, couchbook, mysurfing and the boring rest can have the shiny side of google's world.

posted 2009/09/29 05:41    Visibility: World



@crculver: you should be able to find me on skype, irc, yahoo, gtalk or msn. Irc is probably the easiest (#bewelcome-dev on freenode).

As far as the framework discussion is concerned, it's still alive (well, not that much discussion right now, but the intent and motivation is still there). I still want to try moving BW to the Zend framework just haven't had that much time so far.

I don't think the way to do this is have the team switch things to a new platform. I think the way to do it is in a number of steps: 1) get the current codebase up to a point where it's consistent and uses as few things from the frameworks as possible (and by few I mean 'uses only the BWRox code' instead of 'uses BWRox and Platform PT, etc') and 2) start a new branch for the different frameworks we'd like to test, i.e. Zend and Drupal. Then we can see how easy it is to switch and how far we can go before we run into major problems - without making changes to the current setup. If/when we've got a stable build using another framework we can the switch.

The timeline of this is 'future': we currently have lots of stuff to do to make sure things work properly and are nice to use. But like I said, that doesn't mean it's been forgotten at all :) Had some emails with Steinwinde who is still interested in the topic as well and was looking into it - and it's obviously on my todo list as well.

That being said, I agree with Midsch that it's more important to get the userbase of BW growing - and I don't think that any single feature/group of features we could add would really result in a massive increase. I think different things are needed, most of them social in nature.

For the record: I'm not a fan of drupal but that's most likely because I've never used it. I won't be championing it but if someone is interested in experimenting with a framework switch to drupal I'll be more than happy to help with the sysadmin stuff (SVN, etc) as I'd love to see if BW is portable to drupal.




posted 2009/09/29 20:07    Visibility: World

detail about the (c):

should it be written (c) BeVolunteer instead of (c) BeWelcome?

BeWelcome is not a legal entity and i guess BW therefore can't own the copyright.


What we could add is a sentence like " BW Rox is the open source software running the BeWelcome website. It is released under GPL v2"

posted 2009/10/03 19:42    Visibility: World

I would remove the c  as BV don't own the name right of BeWelcome.

But that is just my uninformed opinion. 

anyway off topic