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Hospitality Exchange Picknick in Rome Italy 27th october 2007

posted 2007/10/20 18:14    Visibility: World

Hi People,

In Rome I am organising a Hospitality Exchange picknick on saturday 27th october at the park of Villa ada

Location: Europe > Italy > Lazio > Rome
Address: Villa Ada (Rome)
Date:      October 27th, 2007 - 13:00 to 19:00

Confirmed Yet: YES

What about a picknick in October in Rome. I will be there between 24th and 28th of October so lets have a picknick on saturday.

Time is incorrect at the meetingpage and the meeting starts at 13:00 and ends around the evening when we all are getting bored and or tired.

In case of rain it can happen that the meeting will be cancelled.

It would be nice if everyone brings some small food and/or some drinks to share. In this way we together can make it a great picknick.
Games for leisure like Twister or frisbees are also welcome at the place.
Now lets hope that it won't be raining that day.

After the picknick we can decide to go partying in Rome ofcourse but I don't know the good places.

Contact details:
Maikel: +44 - 7624 - 191111
Maikel2: +31 - 6198 - 62904

Contact details in Italie:
René: +393474349456


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Attendees:37 (+4 maybe) (+9 guests)
Estimated attendees on meeting day: 0
Num couches needed: 4
Type: Public
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there was a poll in this group:

This Poll made out to make Villa Ada to be the best location.
wich is here:,-95.677068&sspn=29.854268,59.238281&ie=UTF8&om=1&ll=41.934067,12.506948&spn=0.007981,0.020084&t=k&z=16&iwloc=addr

Max L thinks that a good meeting place is in front of the lake where r some games for children. its a good point cuz its in front of te lake and in front of a gate of the park....and its a good place to find a spot for the cars :)