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BW Meeting in Krakow?

posted 2011/10/09 18:29    Visibility: World

I'm going to Krakow soon, my 2-week course of Polish (I know: a stupid idea) starts at 24th of october. As I need some space for homework and unfortunately some work, I've got an accomodation via my school (some student dorm in Krowdrza). Also, I already knew Krakow from former trips, so basic touristic homework is done.

But I don't know you! So, who is up for a first BW meeting in Krakow? As a long-time member of BW (I was pissed from ¢ash$urfing already in 2007), I may contribute some background info, but the most important thing is to meet, talk and start making connections to get the network up and running. Any suggestions for a place (something quite and cosy preferable)? Or is someone willing to host a small potluck party?

Let me know what you think and feel free to contribute suggestions.

Action, ladies and gentlemen!

PS: Drop me a personal note if you want to meet besides a meeting as well. (I've no schedule from school yet, so I'm can't make too much fixed appointments yet.)

PPS: Probably there is also a regular CS meeting, but I don't want to abuse it. (As a survivor of the first ¢$-meeting in Krakow it's maybe fun to go there nevertheless ...)

posted 2011/10/09 19:06    Visibility: World

Hi Midsch,

What a pitty that I won't be in Kraków on those dates.. Hope you find some other beWelcome members here, since I don't know anybody yet.

There is usually a weekly CS meeting on Wednesday (right now I guess its in cafe szafe) and on Tuesday there is a polish learning meeting in kawiarnia lwowska!



posted 2011/10/10 08:40    Visibility: World

Hey midsch,

It would be cool to do a meeting. Let's make it separate from CS, and see how many people show up :-) (of course CS meetings are nice, I have nothing against them, I even attend them)

Feel free to ping me when you arrive.



posted 2011/10/10 22:25    Visibility: World

Thanks for your replies! More people listening here? If Wednesday is ¢$-meeting, we should choose another day. As far as I know Tuesday, first of November is a public holiday in Poland, so I ask myself if the night before is a good idea? Or is everyone preparing for some religious cult rituals? Or worse, is everything closed down for not interfering with the holy stuff the next day? If we can agree on time/date/place I'd volunteer to help sending mails to non-group members living in Krakow as well.

@Dominique: Another time, another place;) @Michał: I'll give you a shout, when I'm there. If we can't make it a bw-meeting I'm in for sharing a drink as well.

posted 2011/10/10 23:16    Visibility: World

@Midsch :so I ask myself if the night before is a good idea? Or is everyone preparing for some religious cult rituals?  


IMHO As it is on tuesday it might influence the attendance of the meeting.

Some people might be off (having taken the monday off from work ) paying visits to  their relatives' graves in a distant part of Poland & others might use thus created 4- days-long-weekend  as an  occasion to  travell to a destination which are not "doable" during normal weekends.  




posted 2011/10/11 05:06    Visibility: World

Right, I positive that I won't be here on 31.10. 

posted 2011/10/12 20:54    Visibility: World

Ok, monday before All-Saints-Day is a stupid idea. Any other ideas?

posted 2011/10/21 14:28    Visibility: World

Ok, not much action here. But unfortunately I won't push it as I had to skip my trip because of some more serious health troubles. But be prepared, be scared, one day I'll show up;)

posted 2011/10/21 15:13    Visibility: World

Well.. The "Kraków" group is pretty vivid on C$.

I think BW still does not attract  much  attention.



In order to bring some daily life onto BW groupsis to do as follows:

Once a newly subscribed BW member sets his geographical location in his profile,

he shall be subscribed to a relevant local group (with an option to unsubscribe).


Moreover - (for example: basing on an implemented "interest tags" chosen by the  member )-  

he shall receive a  message listing  groups which could be of potential interest  to him.


Get back to health  & be welcome here once You will be on your way to Kraków.

(My place is on the way to Kraków, either by rail or by road & probably by bike :-))  

posted 2011/11/25 08:32    Visibility: World

Guys! Let's organize a BW meeting in Krakow. We can email all the Krakow members and create some activity here, hopefully. I think thursday next week or in 2 weeks would be fine. As for the place - just a random cafe or bar in the center. What do you think?

posted 2011/11/25 13:02    Visibility: World

Basically I'm in Kraków now, so you can count me in ;)

posted 2012/03/14 22:37    Visibility: World
last edited on 2012/03/14 23:38 by midsch

Any progress here? My postponed trip will happen now: I'm in Krakow from Monday for 2 weeks and in for meetings (no couch needed, thanks). Feel free to send me a pm as well (I may do so anyway) if you want to meet up.

posted 2012/03/15 06:37    Visibility: World

Well if Rusolis is coming there will be already 3 of us and we have someting we can call a meeting. Monday or Wednesday would be perfect for me, since I have no lessons early in the next morning.

posted 2012/03/15 20:13    Visibility: World

This monday is to early for me, I need to check out school schedules and events monday, and I'm quite sure there will be some kind of socialiszing the first day. As I hav school everyday I don't really mind the week day ... let's wait if anyone else is interested and make plans early next week. If we're only the two of us, we need to reconsider calling it a BW-meeting but it can't harm to do so either;).

posted 2012/03/15 20:29    Visibility: World

Hey guys, I'm up for a meeting, how about next thursday?

posted 2012/03/16 07:10    Visibility: World

Next Thursday evening I already have some other plans.


@midsch What kind of school are you going to? Some language course?

posted 2012/03/18 22:42    Visibility: World

I've made it to Krakow (after a nice BW-experience and weekend in Wrocław). Thursday would have been possible for me, but from wednesday on - except saturday - I'm open to other days as well.

@easy_rider: I'm doing a polish language course.

posted 2012/03/20 09:27    Visibility: World

Friday would be fine for me. Whats about you rusolis?


@midsch But not Prolog Language School ;)?

posted 2012/03/20 09:46    Visibility: World

Friday is good.

posted 2012/03/20 12:04    Visibility: World

So we're at least 3 people - let's do it: First BeWelcome meeting in Krakow will take place at Friday, 23rd of March 2012. Everyone is welcome to chat along with us, have a beer, exchange hospex gossip and so on.

@locals: Please suggest a suitable bar/place for meeting.

@all: what time?

@easy_rider: no, not prolog, it's glossa.

posted 2012/03/21 06:09    Visibility: World

Ok, I suggest Antycafe (ul. Sławkowska 12) at 20:00 on Firday!

posted 2012/03/21 07:12    Visibility: World

fine for me:

Friday, 23rd of March 2012, Antycafe (ul. Sławkowska 12) at 20:00

posted 2012/03/21 07:45    Visibility: World

Ok, let's do it!

posted 2012/03/23 11:32    Visibility: World

Ok, I hope I'll recognize Dominique from his pictures and Michał brings his bird. I won't have spoons, but I'm the guy dressed in black with a BW-badge on his jacket. And I bring Magda (new to BW).

posted 2012/03/23 12:40    Visibility: World

I don't think that we gonna have trouble to find each other, but in any case thats my number: 79 654 76 19



posted 2012/11/15 14:12    Visibility: World

Hey Guys :)

So how it goes last time ?

Let's meet tomorrow night. I will be in Café Philo on Tomasza street.

My number +48722255226


See you :)

posted 2012/11/15 14:36    Visibility: World

Oh god i could see many messages here!
Ok, I am open tp everyting but lets put us in order!!
Cheers and hope to see you...