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posted 2007/10/13 17:15    Visibility: World

Hi everybody,

I tried to connect to the chat and it didn't work. In HC I'm one of  the guys most times during the week online and answering questions about HC on the IRC.

As I really like to the idea of BeWelcome I'd like it to have a good IRC channel and online webchat, too. 

If you'd like me to help to organize this, let me know. I looked into freenode IRC network and it seems to be the right address for BeWelcome to open an official chat channel.

Cheers and thanks for making this site possible,

posted 2007/10/13 18:11    Visibility: World

BeWelcome is working on a integrated Chat solution for our Members. Because we decided, that the Chat has not the top priority in the next upomming Features it might take us a while to set up a XMMP Server and configure it perfectly. As long as it does not work you can join our Public Skype Chat or join our IRC Channel #bewelcome on  here here you can find an IRC Aplett.

posted 2007/10/16 17:58    Visibility: World

Thanks Chris for this question, I have just updated the FAQs and the answer to your question is included now. (Based on Fabian's answer ;-) )

posted 2007/10/27 16:30    Visibility: World

We are planning a new chat system.

We made a ticket in our trac system,,

---------- begin ticket --------------

Chat prototype

to get some progress in the chat discussion, someone who is interested can build a prototype, and present it to the others in our forum. Prototyping can happen in different stages. The first prototypes can be completely independent from the rox codebase, so nothing can be damaged -> freedom to play.

current testing report on the java based chat has been internally discussed on the volunteer forum

I think the best would be something - XMPP/Jabber
based on plain AJAX/Javascript, so no java or flash inside.
ideally, it would be connected to an irc channel.
if you find third-party software: great. some have been mentioned in

the forum discussion already, don't know if they do what we need.

RSS Feed on a Website/Blog/normal Page where the History of the Channel gets recorded.

See the proposals in this forum thread:

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