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Meetup / Getting Verified

posted 2011/09/19 19:46    Visibility: World

So I'm keen to get fully involved in the whole BeWelcome thing and get the ball rolling. I'd like to meet anybody in Berlin who actively volunteers, and I'd like to talk about this in person, and I'd like to get verified. 

Anybody else 'in the near'? 

Ferg x

posted 2011/09/19 21:52    Visibility: World

I'm in. Just I'm sooo busy writing my thesis that I might not stay a longer time.



posted 2011/09/24 02:14    Visibility: World

I'm in but hitting the road in ~2-3 weeks :)

posted 2011/09/24 09:10    Visibility: World

Hi guys,

I already posted in the other thread. I'm proposing monday, 20:00 CET

Just drop an answer in the other thread.


posted 2011/09/24 10:33    Visibility: World

You wrote 20:00 here and 21:00 in the other thread I would actually prefer 20:00, but later is fine too..