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posted 2007/09/27 09:40    Visibility: World

Hey, guys, I didn't see a better place to post this idea, so my idea is that there should be a forum (if there's not one already that I somehow didn't see!) for discussing ideas and brainstorming and such.  Sorta like the Brainstorm group forum on CS, though hopefully without the censorship ;-)

posted 2007/09/27 16:11    Visibility: World

We have a forum tag called "New features"..
And I hope we will improve the forum anyway, so you can add and modify tags after a thread has been started.

In fact, we consider to move the entire "new features" talk into the bw forums, once the technology is ready.
No promises yet, however :)

posted 2007/09/27 16:57    Visibility: World

Hmm, yes, as a very enthusiastic past CS Brainstormer & coder I'd like to see that sort of community inclusion here as well.

 But hopefully without a few things that prevented it from working there:

* censorship (well, beginnings of it at least...)

* the flaming - Brainstorm often began to stand for BullShit in people's minds. The way to stop this would be to have other areas of the site forum for organizational questions, general announcements, 

* lack of listening by the "management" - things were often just ignored until the tone became harsher and harsher, and then they listened even less (in fact, many of the management people were SCARED of posting anything on the group ;)

* lack of coders hanging out on the group to listen and react to suggestions - tell people what would be feasible, and why, and what's on the list to do

* lack of ability to collect and combine ideas - old threads literally disappear from sight when new ones are posted, and are not searchable through the site either.

So, let's get crackin' shall we ;)

posted 2007/09/27 19:21    Visibility: World

In parts these conflicts can be resolved if volunteers sell their posts as personal opinion, rather than trying to represent what is considered "offial opinion" of the people running this site. n

n nOr when talking about decisionmaking in bv, we can explain that there have been different views, but we finally agreed on xy, by a vote or whatever.