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Improving this forum - late tagging!

posted 2007/09/21 01:57    Visibility: World

Let's have a look how it feels to post feature requests in this forum :)

Currently tags can be added to a forum discussion when the thread is started. The problem is that we usually forget to add some relevant tags. And moreover, it easily happens that a thread gets an unexpected shift in focus.

For these situations it would be great to add tags to a discussion, after it is created! Maybe with each new post, you can also add some tags.

What do you people think?

posted 2007/09/22 13:42    Visibility: World

Yes, I guess it could be tried.

 What is more important is that there are forum moderators who take care of the tagging: Merge some tags, remove others that don't make sense at all etc. Of course forum moderators need the tools to do this.


posted 2007/10/22 02:14    Visibility: World

This thread would really benefit from tag editing!

Dunno if this should be mainly done by forum mods, or users themselves. I think it would be ok if everyone is enabled to fix typos in tags.

(it is planned to add "edit your post" functionality)