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Technical problem

posted 2007/08/10 09:53    Visibility: World


for became an BW member I joined it from my portable p.c., but usually I work with an other p.c. in my office and from this I have problem, I'm unable to edit my profile, contact you, edit my photo or up date. In all this cases the page is completly empty without possibility to write and I can just write here in the forum, amazing!

I'm not an p.c. expert, so I don't know why this happen. The p.c. doesn't work is windows XP 2002.

Thanks for your help.


posted 2007/08/11 18:17    Visibility: World

Hi Elisa,

First thing to try would be to empty your "Internet tempory files", and try to logout, close and open again your browser, and re-log-in in order to make all things clear.

If it's still don't working, donc hesitate to write a feedback here like that it will be possible to the "support" people to see if your Internet browser at your office is very old or not.


posted 2007/08/13 13:38    Visibility: World


yes, try as Alban suggested, but before you do that, make sure your window is completely maximized (so fully opened).

When I access BW at my workplace I can only edit in Internet Explorer 6 when the window is maximized.

If that doesn't help : try Alban's suggestion