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posted 2007/07/28 14:17    Visibility: World

Sometimes I feel like listening to a song and then it'd be nice to just hear one or two but not a radio stream

Do you have an (legal!) link to an onlinesong you like? 

I start with this one

posted 2007/07/28 14:35    Visibility: World

posted 2007/07/28 19:45    Visibility: World

for that moment I'd be... 

enjoy :)


posted 2007/07/31 14:39    Visibility: World

Pandora is my friend :)
I used to use live365 and as well, but when I found Pandora I realized what I had been searching for all along.

My main stations on Pandora are Ulrich Schnauss (for some chill and lounge), Morcheeba (for a bit more upbeat music), Underworld (for kicking me in the head) and a station based on Modest Mouse, Built to Spill and Death Cab For Cutie for indie.

Unfortunately, some idiots in the US decided that netradios should pay royalties so expensive that it will probably drive Pandora and other sites out of business, so get there while you can ;)

Blue skies
Peter - Fake51

posted 2007/08/05 19:45    Visibility: World

i'm also a big pandora fan, but it is now illegal to listen to it in Belgium. So unless i find a provider that works from Denmark or America, I can't use it anymore :(

posted 2007/08/05 23:04    Visibility: World

oh it's already how Peter described it :( I tryed it over so they cannot localize my country but they had some problems, this could still a solution maybe for you too Thorgal?

posted 2007/08/20 13:11    Visibility: World


an interesting concept. you can listen to tons of songs -legally- from unknown artists...