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Group Be Welcome Testing Team

Info for new testers

Welcome to the BeWelcome testing team.

What skills / knowledge do you need to help?

While testing as a professional needs a lot of skills and knowledge about the test object for BeWelcome you can just use the site and report everything that you find odd or where you get error messages.

Being able to describe what you did is always helpful.

How much time should you be able to spend on this task?

It's up to you, but it needs some time to get into the routines.

How can I join the team?

Simply join this group

How do I report problems?

There are several possibilities. The best one is to create an issue on Github.

But if you do not have an account there please post into the testing group. Please look around if someone reported something similar first.

A report should contain images of what you see (if the display is the problem) or a workflow what you did. If you think it helps understanding your issue a video is also fine.

A very important information is which browser on which device with which operating system you used like 'Firefox 69 on Android 7.1 running on my beloved Gnugmas G10". Also please mention the time when the problem occurred as it might be possible to understand what's going on from the server logfiles.

What tools do I need?

Basically none. Testing is done on a dedicated server. If you haven't changed your password recently you should be able to login there with your normal username and password. (Otherwise test the reset password workflow or the signup workflow :).)

Development currently aims for a mobile friendly version. So testing with a tablet or your mobile phone will help a lot.

How do I test?

First of all, browse alpha.bewelcome.org, search and report errors, inconsistencies and other usability issues.

How do I report a bug or any issue?

Option 1
If you're checking alpha post your finding to the alpha preview thread.
Option 2
Get a github account and report directly into the Bewelcome bug tracker.
Option 3
Post your finding to the Bugs group

Known Issues which don't need to be reported again

Happy testing! :)