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Bo D Meeting 28-12-2016

Meeting started at: December 28th 2016 19.05 CET.

Participants: girandoliere, sammiekong( untill 20:48), thorgal67 (untill 21.10), duesseldorf, wind.


Approval of last report

November Meeting approved

BeVolunteer members

one application approved

Updates by BoD-members


  • deal with official documents for the new BoD - letters to Prefecture and bank
  • treasurer tasks like manually adding donations to our list
  • interview by Where Traveler: http://www.wheretraveler.com/home-stay-why-you-should-try-hospitality-exchange
  • Professor from University of Geneva asked for support in their research about motivation why people share. Phone call will follow in January, questionnaire to be answered by our members within Q1/2017
  • video-interview by milanche to be done around New Year (could have been a media team task), hopefully we can replace Thomas' old video on facebook one of these days



most of time travelling

  • secretary stuff (update wikis, bevolunteer site, trello for the new BoD)
  • greetings for NMBW
  • handle some tickets for Support Team


  • got in contact with honorary members
  • discussions about statutes
  • workgroup about BV history
  • treasurer handover


<absent from meeting>

  • made contacts with current volunteers and potential volunteers.
  • 3 members contacted to get more involved after the newsletter, one volunteers from OTRS.
  • selectively contact profile visitors after newsletter


wind get in contact with a poterntial candidate, who is agree to take the role. So the whole Bod vote his trust on new ombudsperson: pietshah

  • task:update the wiki Who does what: girandoliere
  • task: ask to our sysadmin to set up the right email address duesseldorf

BW Anniversary

  • The BoD receive an application and decides to investigate more.
  • The BoD noticed there some organizer likes to set up some activities in the next months: one in Munich and one in Brussels
  • Idea: The BoD want offer to the organizer of Seek the Duck + Seek the Pig and In Cod we Trust any help from BoD for organize a special ediction, especially dedicated to the Anniversary. The Bod likes to offer the shipment of promotional material (ex:stickers, t-shirt, flags.) and promoting these events on Community News.
  • Offer. The BoD received a offer from a BV member to send some gifts with BeWelcome brand: it will investigate a bit about the cost of shipment and then, in the next BoD meeting will be made a final decision.

How to involve BV throughout the year?


Hurdles/ barriers for volunteering


cooperation with potential partner

The BoD starts to collect some potential partners ( with the same ethical view, non profit). It wants to investigate some tech aspects firstly, but the idea is interesting.

The meeting ends at 21.30

Next Meeting: