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Changing your trip and getting to know new perspectives is easy and fun. Want an example? Here you go:

In grey: A planned trip from Paris to Berlin.
In green: A new route with stop at Grimbergen after being invited by thorgal67, one of the founders of BW. Things to see: A castle of the middleages and a typical small Belgian village with their own brewed beer.

Plan your trips

We are working on features to help you plan and organise your trips. Just recently we introduced our trip application. Show others where you're headed and see what their plans are for the future, also blogs help you with that. In the long run we want to track events, display local groups and acitivities and create the possibility to turn the whole structure of hospitality exchange around. How? By making it easier for locals to invite travellers on their way.

Share the adventure - travel together!

Some people prefer to travel alone. Others like to share the adventure and discover the world together with fellow members. Check the forum for planned trips, events and all kinds of discussion needed for a healthy community. Remember - the owners of BeWelcome are we, the members. Let's make it a success for each of us!

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