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Open. Transparent. Fair.

Transparent organisation

The organisation running BeWelcome is called BeVolunteer. It is registered in France and committed to non-profit work. All information about the organisation is available in our wiki library and you can also address the annually elected Board of Directors if you have questions, doubts or general feedback.

One of our first work meetings took place in Antwerp, January 2008. Watch the movie for a first impression of how we work together...

Open source project

We are very proud to contribute to the open source programming movement. This means that everybody can contribute and help build the Site. If you are a software developer have a look at the BeWelcome Rox pages!

Fair work.

Volunteering for BeWelcome means to listen more than speak, to learn and teach, to respect each other's opinion and still be determined and successful. Fair work means there is no boss but a team. There are no hidden secrets but space for innovative ideas. There is no pressure but ambition and motivation.

You like the idea? Take part in it, register now and tell your friends about the project - BeWelcome!

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