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Maps & Infos

Well prepared for the journey

The BeWelcome pages will help you to plan your trip. You can search for members and check where they live. Maps give you this little extra overview - and we are constantly working on making it even better!


Tons of information - in our library and forums

You never hosted a stranger? You are not sure whether it is safe to hitchhike? In our faqs we give you hints about all that has to do with hospitality. In our forums you get help from our members on specific subjects. Our brandnew ajaxchat is the direct way to talk to us. And finally the BeWelcome wiki is the place to check out recent development and ideas and take part in creating new initiatives. Go, take part and make BeWelcome your own!

Travelling is not enough?

You love to meet people and discover locations through BeWelcome and are curious about how this community works at an organisational level? You want to know why we are unique as an open source project? The next and last step of the tour will show you how we make the difference.

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