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What is BeWelcome?

BeWelcome is a culture crossing network that lets you share a place to sleep, meet up and help others on their way. Let us show you how!



At BeWelcome we believe sharing creates a better world. We share experiences, moments, knowledge and we welcome guests in our homes, if we can...



BeWelcome is about meeting others. You can get to know people online through the website or meet them in real life...

Plan trips

plan trips

You want to travel the world or just visit the city down the road? Organise your journey through BeWelcome and meet nice people on the way...

Maps & Infos


We want to make sharing and meeting not only fun but also easy. Our tools and features help with that...

Open & Fair

open door

We are an open community. We work democratically and share our opinions, ideas and ambitions...

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