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Suggestions Team

The Suggestions Team is a volunteer team which supports BeWelcome's Decision Making Process.

Team tasks

  • Supporting the complete life cycle of suggestions, e.g.:
    • Reviewing suggestions for duplicates and spam and approving all other suggestions.
    • Contacting other volunteer teams if a suggestion affects them.
    • Reviewing the wording of solutions and offering help in drafting the texts.
    • Initiating the monthly messages to involve additional members in the votings and ranking.
  • Informing members about decision making on BeWelcome (answering questions, directing them to the right place to make suggestions etc.)
  • Making sure that the information about team processes, members etc. is up-to-date.
  • Reviewing the process after one year and making suggestions for improvement (together with the community).

Team members

Please visit the Suggestions Team group to see the current team members.

Volunteering for the Suggestions Team

You’d like to support BeWelcome’s Decision Making Process by volunteering for this team?

In this case please join the Suggestions Team group (please note that this group is moderated and your membership will require approval) and send a message to the group administrator in which you describe your motivation to join the team (why this team and not another). In that message, please confirm that you accept BeWelcome’s Volunteer Code of Conduct and that you are willing to actively participate in the team tasks and discussions on a regular basis.

The team tasks require:

  • Regular availability
  • Diplomacy/tact
  • Very good written communications skills in English
  • Willingness to work together constructively with other team members

Minimum requirements to join the team:

  • Membership of at least 3 months.
  • A filled out profile.
  • No history of violating the Terms of Use (will be checked by Safety Team and Forum Moderators).
Applications from members with at least one positive comment will be preferred.

Once you are accepted into the team you will be added to the Suggestions Team group.


To contact the Suggestions Team, please send a message in the category "I have a suggestion/feature request" through the contact form.