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Decision Making Process

In development

Emptied forum: suggestions and some other BW-related talks take place elsewhere

In development

The Discussion page is divided into two areas: Groups - talk about common interests and Forum - talk about BeWelcome. Yet, talks which follow/are parts of suggestions are displayed in the Groups area. Other than suggestions, some other decisive BW-related talks take place in BW-dedicated groups, and are not displayed in the ...

Notification when a new suggestion is ready for vote

In development

At the moment, the only way to know a suggestion is waiting for vote is to go in the "vote" tab, and to have a look to all of them. There's no information about an upcoming vote, even if you've been part of the discussion... 

Suggestion : adding a subscription ...

Create Recurring events

In development

I organize a bi-weekly language meeting. It always takes place every two weeks at the same location. I would like to post these events automatically. At the moment I manually create BeWelcome events. Every two weeks again.

Ich organisiere zweiwöchentlich einen Sprachstammtisch. Da dieser ...

Activities tool improvements

In development

Activitivity tools needs some improvements

1.- recurring events

it will be great to have some kind of tool to avoid needing creating every time the recurring activities (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or yearly). that way it would be much easyer to create them and just only need to modify the info ...

Recurring events are not schedulable in the activities

In development

In the actual activities function it is not possible to schedule recurring events like regular group meetings.

recurring events

In development

it would be very helpful if I could create recurring events.

So I could create weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or annual events.

That would save much time creating ...

Rethinking comment system

In development

Customised label

Today, comments are labeled either "Good", "Bad" or "Neutral". Those labels could be taken off and replaced by customized label (limited to 30 characters) which members could write on the top of their Comment / Experience.

Not being stuck anymore in a binary (tertiary) frame could then lower the psychological ...

Geolocalizing of groups

In development

One of the conclusion of the first meeting at Lyon Unconference was the need to be able to Geolocalize group. This way, it would be easier to link group with activities, and to invite new members to join local groups. 

Geolocalization has to be done manually. What's the best way ...

Generally improving the bW Messaging area and adding reply by email

In development

Improve the formatting of emails and fix the line spacing problems

Improve the formatting of emails and fix the line spacing problems.

Comment reminder

In development

sending an email notification

<username> wrote a comment for you. To view it click <here>. To put a comment for <username> click <there>

Unnecessary email notifications

In development

There are at least two different categories of unnecessary messages I receive from BW every now and then:

* notifications about messages I posted myself

* duplicate notifications because I'm subscribing both the thread and the group (it may seem redundant, yes, but there's some threads I subscribed to before deciding ...

There are no digest or granular settings for e-mail notifications

In development

Gather all notification settings in one place

There should be one place for all notification settings. This should be easy to find (e.g. accessible from groups, forum and personal preferences).

Allow the possibility to quickly switch off all notifications

Add something like a "mute all notifications" option, that allows to quickly switch on and off all notifications without the need to change them one by one. This could be particularly useful when travelling or whenever it is not possible check emails very often during a specific period.

Allow to mute notifications from one thread on one click

Users should be able to mute/stop all notifications from one thread/topic on just one click.

Very useful if they are not interested about a very active thread in their group. So they have a better visibility of others threads they are interested in.

Users should be able to do it ...

More criteria to choose a host - advanced member search

In development

Search surroundings

An option which could be useful searching for hosts in either big cities, like Paris or London, or sparsely populated areas. If activated, people living in suburbs of a city or people living in rural areas could be included in the results.

Activities Feature

In development

Show nearby/upcoming activities first when opening the activities page

The first thing someone sees when opening the activities page is 'My activities', which possibly includes a lot of past activities. People that are not used using the feature might think there's nothing going on. Therefore it's better to start with 'Nearby activities' if available. If there are no nearby ...

Handling of duplicate suggestions and re-votings

In development

Have some general transparent rules for re-votings but no time limits

In general, a decision should be valid - without expiration date - once the voting has taken place. If a member enters a suggestion which has been discussed and voted on before, the Suggestions Team rejects the suggestion as "duplicate" and informs the member about this. The team also points ...

Increasing Privacy for Forums

In development

Remove world visibility

Posts using the "world" visibility are the "public image" of BeWelcome. They are what everyone can see. The problem is that posts using this visibility are not the ones reflecting what BeWelcome really is. It's better not to show what's in the forum than to show something that is not ...

New Member Welcoming

In development

How to make posts in the Suggestions Group easier to read and follow

In development

Unclear which suggestions I voted for already


Now that we have had out first votes within the suggestions feature, I found out that it's unclear which suggestions I voted for already. Maybe give those another background colour, a symbol next to the header or anything that shows I already voted for that suggestion, so that I can ...

Make vote for suggestion at fixed days


NO CHANGE to Voting Timetable on Suggestions

This options supports the status quo.  The current timetable for the decision-making process ( remains unchanged and voting on suggestions commences ONE MONTH after discussions begin whatever day of the week that may be.

Remove the community gallery


Remove Community photo gallery

Totally close and remove the existing Community Photo Gallery. Currently all photos added to the site including to personal profiles end up viewable by members and the public "without context" in the community photo gallery. This "Remove Community Photo Gallery" suggestion is to close the gallery so that henceforth all photos added ...

Increase reply rate for hosting requests


Do not show inactive members in the default search

Members who haven't logged in for at least 12 months are considered to be "inactive" and are not shown in the default search results. However, they can be found by using advanced search options.

(This is already implemented and working this way. The question is if we should keep it.)

Restrictive icons on the profile, and searchable restrictions.


Remove all restriction icons, and change "other restrictions" to "house rules"

"No smoking" icon is not enough to understand if "I don't smoke" or "You don't smoke inside" or "You don't smoke at all"

People can state their opinions about nicotine, alcohol, cannabis and other drugs in their profile.

Icons "I can offer a dinner" / "Offers a guided city tour"


Get rid of them

Completely remove the two icons

Search for spoken languages


It is often the case that one wants to find people who speak a certain language. For example a Spanish traveller is searching for a host in a German city, but since he is currently learning Russian he would like to search for a host who speaks Russian.

Notifications of new suggestions


Right now users can individually subscribe to the discussion thread of suggestions after they are approved.

However, there is no way for a user to know when new suggestions show up unless (s)he comes actively looking for them at the website. Users interested in contributing to the suggestion process but ...

do not hide comments


In the profile page are shown the first lines of the last 3 comment received.

It is possible that the comment show only the first lines, that in a comment that lists positive and negative aspect in sequence would give a different impression, or that be shown a negative comment, ...

Search in suggestions



There is no way to search in suggestions. So it is easy to create duplicate content (maybe that this one is an example...).

We should simply add a search for keywords in existing suggestions, whatever their status.


Note from Suggestions Team: This is a minor issue and is ...

Web version of newsletter


I always get messed up newsletters which make it very hard to read them.They show HTML-codes and are not formated properly. I get them in Thunderbird.


Note from SuggestionsTeam: There is already a web version of the newsletters see /newsletters. Additionally the mailing system is overhauled as part ...

Simplify unsubscribing from multiple thread subscriptions.



When I visit my Thread Subscriptions page ( to unsubscribe from a topic or topics I find the process to do this needlessly time consuming when I have multiple topics I wish to unsubscribe from.

In order to do this I have to unsubscribe one at a time ...

Handling of duplicate suggestions and re-votings


Increasing Privacy for Forums


New Member Welcoming


Every new member gets at least 1 personalized welcome

A new member gets a NMW greeting from a 'local'.

How to make posts in the Suggestions Group easier to read and follow


Add the unsubscibe link to group post forwarding emails

Add the unsubscibe link to group post forwarding email. For instance, the 'Couchsurfing' group would have this link on the end of its emails