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Uruguay has many attractions, like scenic shores, fishing and hunting areas, hot springs, horse and cattle ranches open for visitors, small towns rich in colonial and early national architectural heritage, and an extensive metropolitan area.


Montevideo is the nation's capital and cultural and economic nerve center, as well as home to 1.4 million inhabitants. Montevideo is home to a rich and diverse architectural and cultural heritage. Its Old City and remains of the colonial-era citadel are within steps of Plaza Independencia, Solís Theatre and the opulent, Italian Gothic Palacio Salvo. The plaza is at the western end of the 18th of July Avenue, the setting for a variety of art deco and belle époque architecture as it passes through Cagancha and Fabini Plazas. Fabini Plaza also leads to the diagonal Libertador Avenue, known for its upscale highrises, rationalist architecture and, at its northern end, the General Assembly of Uruguay. Plaza Independencia is also a short walk from the Montevideo Esplanade. The Esplanade (Rambla) is one of the city's numerous waterfront districts, which also include Ramírez Beach, Pocitos, and a row of similar neighborhoods.

Punta del Este is a well known tourist resort in South America. Located in Maldonado, it's just an hour and a half from Montevideo. The city is a peninsula that divides the sea between Rio de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean. Punta del Este area starts from Punta Ballena to La Barra. There´s an extraordinary variety of options, such as the natural beauty landscapes, lakes, hills and beaches. During the summer season there are many sports options like surfing, windsurfing, jet skiing, boating, sailing, fishing, yachting, polo, golf, tennis and rugby. Also in summer, restaurants, pubs, discotheques, antique shops or art galleries get hundreds of tourists day and night.

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The Uruguayan countryside is also an attractiob for tourist. The Uruguay Riveris well known for its fishing and river boating activities. The surrounding alluvial plains has been interest to ecotourism. The vast countryside has numerous reservoirs and natural lakes, such as the Laguna del Sauce, host fishing and windsurfing pastimes, and Uruguay's Río Negro is favored by canoers. And others, such as the Yí and Tacuarembó Rivers. Uruguay's farming and ranching tradition is another interesting tourism attraction. Some ranches have accomodations for tourists and some also include restaurants that feature each establishment's home made food like jams, cheeses, all kinds of meats and wines. Uruguay is home to a growing wine industry, and a lot of winerys and orchards welcome tourists, as well as connoisseurs

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