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Servas was the first group committed to foster peace through in person meeting. Starting as a grass-root group in the 60ties, having it's peak in the 80ties, it has then missed every modern developement that has been feasible with Internet-based communities. The result is a rapid aging and stagnation of the group. The ongoing refusal of the so-called "leaders" to open a path to democratic participation of ordinary members has contributed largely to the current state of doom, as being proved by the latest General assembly in New-Zealand, October 2015.
This group is intended to rescue some of the old Servas-spirit into the promising new platform of BW.
There have been contacts between Servas and BW before, none of them have been communicated to members of Servas or BW.
This is another attempt to bring together the achievements of two communities dedicated to hospitality exchange.

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Tags Coders are hands on, on some testings. Have servas comunicated Servas members needs or usability for the new set up?
by jeanyves in Servas - 8 years ago go to last post
Tags Can't join the group, and BW suggests to contact "owner" of the group...
by marigoldandp in Servas - 9 years ago go to last post
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