the thought is material

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the thought is material, everything around is alive, we are responsible for all

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For me it is very much extra work to go into this site and update this blog, especially now, while I am traveling. Though if you would like to read about my adventures, e.g. in Mexico, just read my real, but 100% private blog: - When you read it, you will understand, that it is 100% private by the way I am writing. Nevertheless it can give travelers useful information about the countries I have visited.

Since January 2018 I am traveling Mexico. This is a very diverse country full of colors with different climates and warm hearten people, who love to host. You are welcome to read my texts about it. Choose the button North America, scroll down to Mexico - ENJOY!



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written by Estelle78 - 2018/09/14 08:19

I left my latest home with my van, my cat and no plan. I have plenty of free time, but I am limited in my mobility (please read my profile). I am interested in meeting/being hosted by people who are willing to share enriching conversations, and maybe some activities (slow walk, spa, etc.). I have no favourite destinations on my list, I'm open to suggestions! However, my goal is not to check the "top ten destinations" of any list, but to meet interesting people, to widen my knowledges and to spend time in a quiet and comfortable environment.

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Alsace (Strasbourg) - Jura - Haute Savoie - Savoie - Isère - Drome (Valence)

written by Marcstrasb - 2018/09/13 21:48

am a cyclist since 1986. From the 1st of January 2018 I am in a new life: Retirement ! I felt the need to invest in an electric bike. In a Kalkhoff AGATTU MOVE I7. With a battery 17.5 Ah (621 Wh).

And to celebrate my retirement and challenge myself, which I could not do before, I had the desire to make a mountain.

I left Strasbourg on August 1, 2018 and crossed Alsace to reach Mulhouse.

The next day I took the bike path and the department Mulhouse Altkirch Delle. Under blazing sun, the hilly ride shows me the engine's abilities to help me into the ribs.

The third day, always under a hot sun, the serious things are there! The V.A.E weighs 25 kg, the total baggage is 20 kg. And I weigh 75 kg. Total: 120 kg.

With gradients of 170 m to 2.5 km or 400 m to 8 km, the engine is an undeniable advantage and works without problems !

On this day between Delle and Maîche, I made 70 km without any problems with hills and descents. At the end of the day, the battery is 100% discharged.

The 4th day is a landscape enchantment ! Fresh air, forest, plateau, everything is green! That day I made Maîche Pontarlier.

On this day I am 15 km freewheel, battery completely discharged!

On the 5th day I leave Pontarlier for Lons le Saunier. I drive on small departments, the landscape is beautiful under the sun.

On the sixth day I make Lons le Saunier Saint-Claude. Since it is high altitude, the day is very hard ! Despite the help of the engine !

Because of a broken tire and after I've stowed the V.A.E in a bike shop, I have to stay one more day in Saint-Claude.

Wednesday, August 8, I take the road. I drive quietly from Saint-Claude a pass to 1049 m over 12 km. It's really fun to drive! After 45 km I reached Bellegarde on the Valserine. At 13 o clock ! I have the afternoon to rest.

While we had 8 days of blazing sun, I made Bellegarde Annecy under an autumn sky on August 9th! Rain at times, low clouds, cool temperatures! But what a beauty of the landscape! I'm getting completely frozen in Annecy!

I stay one day in Annecy. I stay for hours before the beauty of the landscape! It's a great reward after 9 days of effort!

Saturday, 11. August I drive on. I think that's the day I liked the most! From Annecy I walk along the lake and climb the Bauges Mountains! Of course I pedal, but the Kalkhoff climbs without worries! I do not get tired of the scenery!

On this day, after I had charged the administration of the battery, I drove 48 km with the battery to La Féclaz. Then I have to drive on 6 km (and 200 m ascent) to Revard (1537 m).

From here we have a magnificent view of Lake Bourget, 230 m above sea level!

Since the Revard measures 1535 m and Aix les Bains is 300 m above sea level, I covered 20 km and 1200 m of freewheeling without ever having pedaled.

Sunday, 12. August, the day went well until 14 o'clock! Drive without worrying, I've stuck the front wheel! Since I had nothing to repair, I managed to roll 35 km on the front wheel! I came to Grenoble at 5.45 pm!

Since the bike shop is open from Tuesday, I have to stay for 2 days in Grenoble. I use this stop to physically retreat and visit the city.
I spend the afternoon on Monday in Grenoble-Bastille, a military fortress from the 19th century, which has been converted since 1934 in a resort 498 m above Grenoble. Beautiful 360 ° view of the mountains.

Wednesday, the 15th of August I leave Grenoble along the Isère to Rome on Isère.

Thursday, August 16th 10h10 I'm entering the Rhone just before Valence! I did 900 km in 16 days!

Marc Roujansky

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