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South America 2019

written by NinaDrops - 2018/12/14 21:22
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Inactive, homebound septuagenarian

written by kenhuo - 2018/11/21 14:45
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Signed up with Be Welcome, amny many years back hoping to become an active member, but , alas ;-(

the trivialities of life, be it work, domestics or whatever, nor with Grandkids of 8, 4 and 18 months, 

whilst not fully comitted to keeping a watch on them , are tied down.

Currently, downsizing, but before that happens decluttering. . . . . 

Travels has been minmal, trips to Singpaore for 80 and 90th birthdays, the last in Feb March included a brief stopover in Mallacca, Ipoh and KL

2020 should take me to St John's NL, where the grandson are, and hopefuly to Porto or a shorter stroll along the Camino de Santiago  , which i did spend 42 days along the French route in 2009

that's me the inactive, missng Virtul Tourist and on Couch Surfing as kenhuocj

Meegwetch, let me know if in Ottawa area for a cuppa or wlalk/drive  around


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written by Hillwalker - 2018/09/21 06:31
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For me it is very much extra work to go into this site and update this blog, especially now, while I am traveling. Though if you would like to read about my adventures, e.g. in Mexico, just read my real, but 100% private blog: dorotheeinternational.blog - When you read it, you will understand, that it is 100% private by the way I am writing. Nevertheless it can give travelers useful information about the countries I have visited.

Since January 2018 I am traveling Mexico. This is a very diverse country full of colors with different climates and warm hearten people, who love to host. You are welcome to read my texts about it. Choose the button North America, scroll down to Mexico - ENJOY!



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Die deutschen Städte in Brasilien

written by curly1982 - 2018/05/30 10:55
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Ich werde ab November 2018 hier auf der Seite bzw. über meine Webseite von der Reise berichten.

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How to Find the Best Place to Stay in Singapore

written by PushpithaW - 2018/03/28 09:01

The quintessential holiday destination and business hub of Asia, Singapore is on everyone’s travel itinerary. In order to enjoy all this small but vibrant country has to offer, from the impressive skyline to the futuristic parks, to the colonial history and traditions, you must be based on a central location. If you want to be travel savvy, think of locations which help you to access attractions easily, and in order to do so, you need to know the districts; as discussed below.

1. The Most Convenient Districts to be Based at – Orchard Road, Clark Quay and Chinatown

Any smart traveller will choose to stay between the districts of Orchard Road, Chinatown and Clark Quay; all three neighbourhoods are placed within close proximity to each other and are all well serviced by the Singapore MRT Line. In any case, you can virtually walk from one precinct to another.

2. Orchard Road the Best for Tourists

Orchard Road is the perfect venue in every sense; the place is close to premium medical facilities, the best shopping arcades and offers easy access to the business district. Besides, the area provides easy links to other destinations in Singapore via the well placed MRT stations. Home to Ascott Orchard Singapore, the place is quite a popular venue amongst those seeking service apartments Singapore offers.

Orchard Road is close to a number of attractions, including Little India, where one can enjoy a range of traditional cuisine, shopping for gold jewellery and a range of other fascinating handicrafts, souvenirs etc. The huge malls of Orchard Road are quite a lure, and any shopaholic visiting Singapore, will probably have a full day planned, for exploring Orchard Road and its many retail venues.

3. Clark Quay Attractions

Photo By Erwin Soo from Singapore, Singapore (Another view of Clarke Quay) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Whether you are based in Clark Quay or even at Orchard Road, which is just 6 minutes apart, you can easily, explore the allures of the former. While you can enjoy the day indulging in some retail therapy, Clark Quay acts as your entertainment venue. As the Singapore River winds its way through this district, you will find the area is home to a number of classy restaurants and clubs. This is Singapore’s party zone; while Boat Quay just a kilometre away, will satisfy the needs of visitors looking for a more laid back quieter ambiance.

4. Chinatown and Its Allures

Living in or close to Chinatown is quite a boon. The precinct is just 9 minutes from Orchard Road and walking distance from Clark Quay too. Enjoy exploring this cultural hub, which is a typical ‘Singaporean style’ Chinatown; much cleaner than its typical counterparts in other countries or even neighbouring Malaysia.

In Chinatown, you will be able to absorb the fascinating culture of the Chinese people, shop for souvenirs, chat to the locals and best of all indulge in all the fine traditional food. All three of these above-mentioned neighbourhoods are ideal locations to base yourself in, although Chinatown, would be for those travelling on a very low budget, such as backpackers, while Orchard Road and Clark Quay provide luxury to mid-range accommodation to both leisure and business travellers.

5. Stay Close to MRT Links

                            Seloloving at English Wikipedia [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

When staying within Orchard Road, Clark Quay or Chinatown, you will always have easy access to Singapore’s MRT lines. The public transport system in the country is very comprehensive within the country, as such sightseeing or travelling to required venues is a breeze. You should, however, get a city map, which will provide useful information on what sights are where, and how to get to each destination. However, as the city is small, you will find the best experience is to walk, exploring by foot, will give you a first-hand sense, of the country, its people, culture, customs and traditions.

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