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New website coming!

written by amnesiac84 - 2019/04/21 11:40

On Tuesday 23rd from 18:00 CET onward, we'll migrate to a new website!

There will probably be some downtime in the evening of April 23rd and we hope it will not last longer than a few hours. After that, if everything goes according to plan, everyone can use the new website.

Make sure to have other means of communication with your hosts and guests in that time frame and please check your spam folder in the next weeks, since our e-mail traffic could be sent to your spam for some reason.

See you on the other side!

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The 2019 Donation Campaign has started

written by subaculture - 2019/03/25 11:28

You might have noticed that the donation bar is now visible on the landing page after you log into BeWelcome. As a non-profit, BeWelcome works with the smallest budget possible. This is only possible, thanks to the time and skills donated by our volunteers.... which come from you, our community.

BeWelcome needs about 2000 Euros to cover its expenses this year. Despite a community of more than 115.000 members, BeWelcome been a non-profit since its launch in 2007.  While it has no offices or paid staff, it needs to cover specific expenses, such as server and domain costs etc.

BeWelcome believes in the gift of hospitality" and if you are passionate about alternative travel, travel with a greater sense of purpose, cultural exchange, making new friends, and sharing enriching, immersive experiences; please contribute, even just 1€, $ or £ at http://www.bewelcome.org/donate (It would be great if you mention your member name in your donation.) 

We would like to remind you that BeWelcome also accepts donations in Bitcoins ... but we only accept bitcoin donations with a value between 5 and 1000 Dollars :)

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March 16th: BeWelcome takes part in a debate in Rennes

written by duesseldorf - 2019/03/04 18:38

BeWelcome will take part in an event in Rennes: To those who are in Brittanny, Rennes, France: If you have time on saturday March 16 you might want to attend a debate in the afternoon. The association „Adventures at the End of the World“ (http://www.abmrennes.eu/) organises a discussion about free hospitality of travelers in France and around the world. They asked BeWelcome to take part in this event – and our member Isaac2 volunteered to represent BeWelcome :)


It is part of the travelers' festival Terra Scala.


Topic of the afternoon:

They stay with locals, in France or in other countries. They will tell how this is organised. The advantages: Free overnight stays, encounters with hosts. But also precautions to be taken. This discussion will present several options for free or against a certain work.


Another organization represented will be Wwwoof.



Maison de Quartier de Villejean

2 rue de Bourgogne Rennes

Metro station „Kennedy“


Thanks a million to Isaac2 – yet another volunteer without whom BeWelcome would not be possible!





L'association Aventure du Bout du Monde Rennes organise un débat le samedi 16 mars 2019, sur l'accueil gratuit de voyageurs en France et dans le monde. Il prend place dans le cadre du festival de voyageurs Terra Scala http://www.abmrennes.eu/

Notre membre Isaac2 donnera son témoignage.Ce débat se déroulera de 16h à 16h45 avec la possibilité de rencontrer les personnes intéressées ensuite.

Thème du débat :

Ils dorment chez l'habitant, en France ou à l'étranger. Ils racontent l'intérêt de la formule et comment ils s'organisent. Les avantages: logement gratuit, rencontre avec les hôtes... Les précautions à prendre. Ce débat propose plusieurs solutions gratuites ou en contrepartie d'un travail. Témoignages.



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Thank you volunteers!

written by amnesiac84 - 2019/02/17 22:49

The BoD likes to thank all volunteers, especially those who have been helping on making the new website a (soon) reality!

Thank you developers and designers for your great effort in making the website work, solving bugs and make it look nice!
Thank you system admin(s) for laying the foundation on our servers and prepare the migration!
Thank you testers for your endless patience with the many errors and bugs and for thoroughly combing through the new website!
Thank you communication team members for writing the texts for previous and future notifications and newsletters concerning the new website!
Thank you translators for translating the new words and phrases used in the new website, so that old members and new visitors feel welcome from second 1!
Thank you individuals who checked, read, rechecked and reread and then write and rewrite drafts for new Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and other GDPR-related material!

Thank everyone else who was involved up to this point. We're getting real close and we could not have done this without your help!

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Testers needed for the new website

written by shevek - 2018/12/02 13:07

BeWelcome has an exciting redesign currently in development. We now need more testers to make sure we aren't missing anything due to the large range of browsers used by members.

If you would like to try the new site before anyone else, or to contribute to the development of technical aspects of BeWelcome (also for future developments), please join the [[https://www.bewelcome.org/groups/62 testing group]], and introduce yourself. Make sure to follow best practice when identifying & communicating bugs by reading the wiki after you join.

Also, any questions you might have about testing and parts of the new website (also how to access it), might already be answered in the testers group (browse the discussions and wiki), or you simply post them there. Do not reply here, because the tech/redesign team will not be reading or answering here, and they are the people you want to talk to :)

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