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written by kenhuo - 2018/11/21 14:45
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Signed up with Be Welcome, amny many years back hoping to become an active member, but , alas ;-(

the trivialities of life, be it work, domestics or whatever, nor with Grandkids of 8, 4 and 18 months, 

whilst not fully comitted to keeping a watch on them , are tied down.

Currently, downsizing, but before that happens decluttering. . . . . 

Travels has been minmal, trips to Singpaore for 80 and 90th birthdays, the last in Feb March included a brief stopover in Mallacca, Ipoh and KL

2020 should take me to St John's NL, where the grandson are, and hopefuly to Porto or a shorter stroll along the Camino de Santiago  , which i did spend 42 days along the French route in 2009

that's me the inactive, missng Virtul Tourist and on Couch Surfing as kenhuocj

Meegwetch, let me know if in Ottawa area for a cuppa or wlalk/drive  around


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