First time

written by Danirr92 - 2019/01/16 19:46
tagged with:  Présentation 

And the first time, let's say, I publish something on this site. I do not even know if I'm doing it right, but I'm still trying to trust myself, and I'll need your trust too, so if I'm wrong it will mean that the next time I will come out better :D

Ciao a tutti

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HOW to modify my new profile hometown location?

written by Ishanoe23 - 2019/01/06 12:12



I m a new member and by mistake informed the wrong country for my adress

can anyone help?


in advance thanks






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Testers needed for the new website

written by shevek - 2018/12/02 13:07

BeWelcome has an exciting redesign currently in development. We now need more testers to make sure we aren't missing anything due to the large range of browsers used by members.

If you would like to try the new site before anyone else, or to contribute to the development of technical aspects of BeWelcome (also for future developments), please join the [[ testing group]], and introduce yourself. Make sure to follow best practice when identifying & communicating bugs by reading the wiki after you join.

Also, any questions you might have about testing and parts of the new website (also how to access it), might already be answered in the testers group (browse the discussions and wiki), or you simply post them there. Do not reply here, because the tech/redesign team will not be reading or answering here, and they are the people you want to talk to :)

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