Malware Attack On BeWelcome

The BeWelcome site has been the target of an attack by a malware called Lilu, and is presently not available. Our volunteers are working hard to bring the site back.

The malware has encrypted some site data so, the site will be restored from a back-up that pre-dates the attack. If you have sent or received any recent messages, therefore, you may need to check your email account for copies, as they may not be available immediately on the site. If you have any open hosting requests, you may want to use other means to contact your hosts/guests, if these are available.

The process of restoration may produce duplicate of some older email notifications, so do not worry if you receive some copies of old notifications in your email.

Although, to our current knowledge no personal data has been compromised, we strongly advise you to change your password, especially if you use the same password across different websites and accounts.

We are sorry for any problems this may cause and hope that you understand that it was beyond our control.

In case you need urgent access to old messages or request you can access the restored site (data as of end of August). Please be aware that messages send through alpha will not be migrated.