written by Royalah - 2017/01/20 02:58 E-mail marketing manager Tonika is virtually hooked on new skating, 4- wheeling. Last of all, more or less all her stimulus emanates from checking out and visiting different resorts as an example, to Cheb,Czech Republic. new commonly smell from the skull down

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written by garcelonmattos - 2017/01/20 02:39

Pozycjonowanie stron internetowych w wyszukiwarkach, zwane również często SEO (Search engine optimization) jest owo klasa czynności mający na celu realizacja wysokiej pozycji naszej okolica internetowej w wynikach wyszukiwarki. Przykładowo, jeśliby jesteśmy producentem zielonych kubków i mamy swoją stronę internetową, owo właśnie dzięki pozycjonowaniu nasza strona internetowa będzie jednym spośród pierwszych linków w wyszukiwarce (np.: Google, WP, Onet, Netsprint). Dzięki temu większa porcja ludzi odwiedzi naszą stronę i być być może zakupi nasze produkty.

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czy spalacze tluszczu dzialaja

written by MaciejMalinowski - 2017/01/19 22:22

When you are trying to lose weight, it helps to be knowledgeable about portion sizes so you are more aware of what you're eating. For example, a portion of meat is only the size of a deck of cards. Knowing portion sizes can make it easier to balance your diet to ensure optimal nutrition while reducing calories. A practice that will help one lose weight is to replace time spent watching television or movies with time doing physical activities. By exercising in some way as opposed to sitting in a couch or chair will translate into more calories being burned and more healthy activity during time that would have been spent sitting. Poznaj maja strone: spalacze tluszczu

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Would really like to start hosting when I return to the states

written by weightlosstrips - 2017/01/19 04:52
tagged with:  hosting  travel  meeting 

I've thought about it on and off for some time yet because I'm so often traveling myself I didn't want to let people down by saying I can host yet then having to explain how I was vacationing myself. I'm out in the world a lot yet would be great to host and meet people when I'm in Santa Barbara. We'll have to see how I can free some more state side time up.

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One of the biggest donations to BeWelcome ever

written by duesseldorf - 2017/01/14 00:12

I could hardly believe my eyes when I checked the incoming donations and found out that BeWelcome has just received one of the biggest donation in its history: Member saraedum donated 200 Euros - one tenth of our donation goal 2016/2017.

Big thank you from whole BeWelcome goes to Columbia where saraedum is travelling at the moment!

I asked him about his motivation to donate this much money. Here is his answer:

"I am travelling now full time for almost two years. Honestly I think it is a pity that I continue using CS because I like the democratic structures of BeWelcome so much better. But sadly BeWelcome (and also Servas) are not big enough and therefor no option for traveling in Latin America.
If I can support BeWelcome this way I am very happy."

This sums up so well the spirit of BeWelcome ... but also the challenges we are facing. We are still pretty much Europe-centered and did not reach the critical mass of members in other continents yet. If everyone continues spreading the word then BeWelcome will soon be a truely active global community.


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