written by laylemeabme62 - 2017/06/22 18:59

Sklep budowlany to rozwiązanie dla wszystkich, którzy lubią majsterkować lub właśnie prowadzą remonty u siebie.

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Online Survey - BeWelcome needs your feedback

written by duesseldorf - 2017/06/18 08:42

After 10 years of growth it is time to get a better overview over what BeWelcome members experience, what motivates them, what issues they encounter and how we can make BeWelcome even better.
Many of you have expressed your opinions in the forum, but the vast majority has been silent most of the time.
everyone’s experience is valuable for us. Now it is up to you to give us impulses to shape the future of BeWelcome.

For this reason many of you will receive an invitation for an online survey withn the next days.
For logistical reasons we cannot ask all of you, but we make sure that a statistically significant part of members is included with a randomized selection:
The survey includes members who have been active recently as well as members whose status has been set to ”inactive” because they haven’t logged in for more than twelve months. We would very much like to understand the reasons for their inactivity. Honest and straightforward answers and criticism can only make BeWelcome better.

Your privacy is very important to us.

Therefore all answers will be strictly anonymous, there won‘t be any question or combination of questions, that could allow to identify the respondent.
All answers will be stored in an anonymized form, without your username, email or other personal Information.

With your privacy and data-protection in mind we have thoroughly analysed the main providers of online-surveys. One criterion was to ensure that only BW-members can answer and answer only once.
Lamapoll ( turned out to be the only provider that fully meets these criteria. They have signed a contract with us to guarantee not to use any data except for the purpose of this survey and they have agreed to let us, as a non-profit association, use their tool free of charge. Thank you, LamaPoll, for your support and for answering all our questions.

The survey will start on June 19th and end on July 9th.
Analyzing your answers will take some time, but we will work hard to communicate the results as soon as possible and look forward to using them to improve BeWelcome.

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In The Middle of Nowhere: What To Do In The West Midlands

written by silbchris - 2017/06/13 17:37
tagged with:  west midlands  england  UK 

At first take, saying that you’re travelling to the West Midlands in England might seem a bit drab, or, even uneventful. We get that. It’s not exactly a sexy name like Rio or Paris. But, what a lot of people might not realise is what the West Midlands actually entails!

There’s a lot to do if you actually look properly.

Below are a selection of activities and places you can do and visit during your trip to the lovely West Midlands.

Plantsbrook Nature Reserve

A nice, calm suggestion to kick us off, Plantsbrook Local Nature Reserve is one of the most scenic places in the entirety of the United Kingdom.

The park itself is over 26 acres in size, so there is plenty to explore. Whether you’re into woodlands, meadows, wetlands – you’ll definitely find something that you’re looking for here.

It’s one of those parks that really does have it all.

The park is particularly enticing if you like to go wildlife spotting. In the park, you can find everything from squirrels and deer, to toads and ducks.

A lovely place for an afternoon walk with your loved ones, or even a lone walk to clear the mind.

If you contact the local council, you can even arrange guided tours with a park ranger.

Drayton Manor Theme Park

Now, something a little more exciting. Everyone loves a theme park, don’t they? Well, the West Midlands is lucky to host one of the BEST theme parks in the UK – Drayton Manor Theme Park.

Is often mooted as the best family day out in the UK, which, I can’t say is wrong. But, it’s also tonnes of fun for adults too.

It’s got all the usual suspects – the big wheel, the dodgems, and an assortment of rollercoasters and other thrill rides. But, there are a few more features that really does set Drayton Manor aside from the others.

Firstly, it has a cinema. Now, at first you might think this would be wasted in a theme park, but, more often than not, there is that one person in a group that doesn’t like thrill rides. The cinema provides somewhere for them to go.

Secondly, it has its own zoo. How great is that? A theme park and a zoo in the same day. Brilliant.

Thirdly, it has Thomas Land. The Thomas in question here is Thomas the Tank engine – the absolute hero of any child growing up in the UK in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

The Belfry Hotel & Resort

This one is a bit of an all-rounder – let me tell you why.

While a famous hotel, The Belfry is often mistaken as just a hotel. It’s not. It’s a full on resort with more going on than you’d think.

Firstly, it has some of the most famous golf courses in the United Kingdom. Courses that are often used in The Ryder Cup. So, if you’re into your golf and want to play on a top, top course, look no further than the West Midlands, my friend.

It’s got a lot more going on as well: Several restaurants, a gym, a full spa, and tribute nights - It’s like Butlins for adults! But, the kids are obviously more than welcome at The Belfry as well.

All this under one roof. Well, except the golf courses, obviously.

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Why Aberdeenshire Is Scotland’s Best Kept Secret

written by silbchris - 2017/06/13 15:33
tagged with:  Aberdeen  Scotland  Aberdeenshire 

When you talk to people from outside of Scotland about Aberdeen, a couple of typical pre-conceptions come to mind; the granite city, an industrial sea port, and a golf course owned by the President of the United States. While there is an element of truth in these preconceptions, the city of Aberdeen, and more importantly the surrounding area, offer a great wealth of things to do and places to see. Here’s a rundown of why you should consider taking time to visit Aberdeen and the surrounding area.

Aberdeen City

As mentioned before, Aberdeen’s reputation as the ‘Granite City’ gives off an initial mental image of a dreary grey city. While much of the city is built from the famous grey stone, dreary is a word that certainly doesn’t belong in the vocabulary of the city. The city’s seafaring heritage is well celebrated in the Aberdeen Maritime Museum; considered a must visit for visitors.

Aberdeen is a surprisingly green city, and visitors can enjoy a number of parks and outdoor areas on a summer’s day included the Pitmedden Garden, Hazlehead Park and Balmedie Beach. For those looking to chasing more intellectual pursuits, the world famous Aberdeen University has a wonderful museum that’s worth a visit if the rain comes on.


If you’re looking for an active trip to the North East, there’s plenty on the sport front to take part in. Both for the participant and the spectator. Aberdeen Football Club are regarded as one of Scotland’s best teams, and have a proud history of being the country’s third club after the more famous Glasgow based clubs Celtic and Rangers. Aberdeen were famously managed by the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson. Something that is celebrated at the clubs museum amongst other achievements.

Scotland and golf are two things that go hand in hand, and Aberdeen is no different. There’s plenty of world class courses in this part of the country, like the aforementioned Trump International links as well as other courses like the Royal Aberdeen Golf Club and Murcar Golf Club. A lot of the Aberdeenshire coast lends itself well to cycling, if you research the right routes.


The Aberdeenshire council area takes in a great deal more than the city of Aberdeen. In the outlying area you’ll find picturesque little towns love Peterculter, Kingswells, and Bridge of Don. The area is steeped in history that can be seen first-hand in places like Craigievar Castle, Slain’s Castle, and Brig ‘o’ Balgownie.

If you move up the coast to the likes of Buckie, you’ll be right on the coast of the North Sea, where Norway lies across the water. This is also a great spot to view aurora borealis, or the Northern Lights if you happen to be visiting here at the right time of year. There’s plenty of online guides to help you plan your visit to coincide with this stunning phenomenon.


Scotland is famous for a number of different types of food and drink. Be it smoked salmon, shortbread, whisky, cranachan, or Aberdeen Angus beef. There is plenty to choose and sample from in this region. If you want a taste of the famous Speyside whisky, there’s few places who do it better than Glen Garioch. Famous for their master, single malts, there’s tours of the distillery on throughout the year if you fancy a dram.  

For those looking to indulge the food side of things, there’s a number of highly commended restaurants in the area that are worth booking a table at for a taste of the North East. The likes of Granite Park and Silver Darling offer high quality seafood and Scottish dining if you want to indulge all your senses.

Aberdeen is much more than the city. Take a visit to the North East and discover what’s on offer first hand!

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Lots of fun at the 6th Seek the Duck weekend

written by duesseldorf - 2017/06/11 23:03

It is already a week ago that the 6th Seek the Duck Weekend took place in Toulouse from June 2nd to 4th. With lots of love and energy and hospitality from Southern France the local community organized wonderful activities, starting with a picknick on friday night at the boards of Garonne river, playing Pétanque and Mölkki, a treasure hunt, visiting a local sunday market together and a spontanous cooking session to end the weekend. About 25 BeWelcome members enjoyed the weekend.

This was the program:

And here are some pictures:

picknick at the Garonne river

wine tasting

sunday picknick in a park

playing Pétanque

...and we found the duck!

(sorry - somehow the blog feature of adding photos does not seem to work ... probably the mistake sits in front of the computer. So please follow the links to the pictures.)

We are curious whether there will be more "Birthday Events" taking place in 2017 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BeWelcome...



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