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Bo D Meeting 24-09-2015

Meeting started at: September 24th, 19:10 CET

Participants: amnesiac84, wind, duesseldorf

Present online: amnesiac84, wind, duesseldorf


Approval of last report

Report was approved by all members present

BeVolunteer members

  • 1x application
    • The application has been rejected, as the condition of 3 months volunteering has not been met. We suggest the applicant to send in the application again after this condition has been met.
  • 1x NDA received
    • accepted
  • The translators are mostly (and sadly) invisible, even though they do a lot of work for BeWelcome. Therefore, we ll send out a general invitation to the translation group to become a member of BeVolunteer. If someone applies, we'll try to find out if the conditions are met and if the person translated sufficient amounts of text.

Simultaniously we'll invite some individuals of whom we know they translate or have translated a lot

Updates on progress by BoD

  • The French authorities require changes of formalities on BW website:
    • We need a french translation of ToU - we'll ask the translation members to translate the English ToU; ask specific individuals if our call stays unanswered
    • We need a telephone number - as it's unclear if we'd need a french number, duesseldorf offered a German telephone number. The BoD will find out if that's acceptable
  • The French authorities pointed out that BeVolunteer is not allowed to promise tax deduction for donations as this is not the case.
    • We removed the text from our website
    • J-Y will try to find out about what we need to get the right legal status for a tax reduction for donations.
  • Sending out the login reminder has been postponed due to mailbox/OTRS problems
    • The BoD will ask the Support team if OTRS is back to normal and the backlog of open tickets is manageable. If so, we ll send out the login reminder as soon as possible
  • Responsive design (alpha)
    • amnesiac84 asks OctoberTales if and how much he wants to be involved. Depending on the outcome, some plan/structure has to be made in order to get things done.
  • Help BeWelcome - page
    • amnesiac84 has submitted his first code: Support team is listed and wordcodes are simplified to translate (esp. when contact person changes)
  • Interviews
    • The BoD would like to show some more personality! We are actually real people and real users of BeWelcome. For the others to get an idea of who we are, we've interviewed ourselves. We'll write a community news post about this.
  • Ecobytes
    • After several tries, we had contact with someone from Ecobytes. They showed interest in closing our mailing servers. We proposed to send us a bill for our usage of the past months, clear some configurational details and close the servers.
  • Result of the clean-up BV member list
    • No members requested termination of BV membership
  • Preparation of Shared Economy Event in Torino/Italy
    • Event takes place somewhere mid October
    • girandoliere and lanto will present BeWelcome
  • Financial Year
    • To make it more clear for all and easier to govern, we ve decided that the financial year of BeVolunteer is between October 1st untill September 30th.
    • Financial Year: 1-10 - 30-09

Feedback and updates from team/members

  • A new forum moderator has been installed (lososs)
  • The NMBW Team has seen 2 group admins go, but gained 3 new group admins
  • Bags
    • As far as we know, the plan of a member to donate BeWelcome bags is still present. We ll await further steps (shipping, etc).
  • Refugees
    • A member had the wish that BeWelcome organised something involving the recent migration wave from Syria. Although the BoD thinks that hospitality is broader than just ours and other networks, it thinks hosting refugees is a personal matter. We do not see realistic scenarios where BeWelcome as a whole can help the situation.
  • There was a request to create an extra page for the COP in Paris / demonstration in Berlin in December to connect protesters and hosts
    • We d like to address that everyone can become a member and search for a host or make a call in the Paris/Berlin group. We are not capable to organise a special site to connect hosts and protesters.
  • Request to have rules concerning racism / discrimination in the ToU
    • At this moment the BoD thinks that rule 4(c) in the ToU, and Forum rule #5(a) provide enough basis to intervene when necessary. If this is unsatisfactorily for those who requested, it could be brought up as a topic in the next General Assembly.
      • ToU #4(c) - here are some examples of what you agree NOT to do on BeWelcome: ... attack or defame other people or groups of people
      • Forum Rule #5(a) - Refrain from posting any material which is ... abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, ..., threatening, ... or otherwise in violation of any law.

Feedback BeActive call

We've had 16 applications, some with more concrete ideas than others. Many requested promotional materials. Unfortunately many applicants did not met the condition of having at least 2 positive profile comments.

In order to get more concrete applications, we will create a questionnaire / application form, where the applications can be sent in in a more uniformed way, without taking too much energy from both applicant and BoD. When we receive the applications, we'll react accordingly.


The BoD has prepared a rough time-schedule for the General Assembly. There will be 6,5 hours of GA on Saturday and 3,5 hours on Sunday. There will be enough time for food, getting to know each other and other activities not related to the organisation of BeVolunteer.

In the next weeks, the BoD will:

  • send out an invitation to all BV-members
  • including the question if the member wants to have the active or supportive status (supportive by default)
  • call for BoD candidates
  • call for topics
  • request to prioritise those topics, upon which the BoD then makes a selection
  • make some suggestions (e.g. text changes) which can then be used as a base to discuss during the GA
  • make a financial report
  • make an annual report

Online discussions take place in the BV-group (with the prefix GA2015), whereas all active BV-members will be invited to the GA2015-group, which will only be used for voting.

If we change any official texts during the GA, or if we need the translated ToU checked, we might need a (french) lawyer to check if those changes are not contradictionary to French law. Corrections could be possible. Therefore, we would need to have access to a French lawyer. The BoD will try to search in the BW database for French lawyers and see if they are prepared to take these task.

  • In case we won t find a lawyer, or if unwilling to work pro bono, the BoD has the contacts of 2 lawyers of which one then could be hired.

Dev team / priority list

As OctoberTales is currently not available as coordinator, the BoD would like to get some things clear concerning the dev team:

  • Which platform is used among developers (and for what purposes)? BeWelcome / Github / Mailing List / Trac
  • Who can be contact person for the development team?
  • The BoD would like to discuss a short priority list with the developers, and report this priority list after considerations of the dev team to the community.
  • The BoD is positive about the idea to implement oAuth, but only if it can be done without too much hassle and without taking too many resources.
  • The BoD wishes that the redesign and new codes will come with enough documentation. It should be relatively easy for an outsider to understand the code, how the website is built and change it. This is needed to make the project more resilient.

Test using Trello

The BoD has been testing project management software named Trello for the last month. The first impressions are very positive. The BoD will continue to use this tool until at least the General Assembly to manage all tasks and responsibilities. During the meeting, amnesiac84 showed how to use some features. Some agreements on the way of working were introduced.

Questionaire volunteers

The BoD wants to send out a questionnaire to every known active volunteer of BeWelcome. This questionnaire should give the BoD and BeVolunteer an idea of the volunteering work of BeWelcome, gather some ideas of the volunteers and see what s important to them.

The BoD will ask in the Communication group if someone would like to prepare this questionnaire. Some suggestive questions from the BoD:

  • How did you become a volunteer?
  • How much time (on average) do you spend on your volunteering for BeWelcome (per week/month)?
  • Are you in general motivated to do the work or do you see it as a duty?
  • How is the communication within your team?
  • How important is it to have a clear coordinator / group leader?
  • Are you interested to work on other teams?
  • Suggestions to run your team better?
  • Suggestions to run BeWelcome better?
  • Are you interested in getting more involved with BeVolunteer? If yes: How can BeVolunteer support you?
  • Any further comments you want to make
  • Feel free to use my username when quoting or paraphrasing / Keep my comments anonymous when results are discussed (privacy).

Next meeting

The next meeting will be used to organise everything needed for the GA2015. The meeting will take place mid October (exact date to be announced).

Private Meeting ended: 22:30 CET

Public IRC chat started: 22:30 CET

Public IRC chat ended: approx 23:30 CET