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Bo D Meeting 22-06-2015

Date : 22nd of june Place : Berlin, Lukas' apartment (live BoD meeting)

Minutes written by S�bastien (vice-secretary)

Officially start at 17:22, with all 4 BoD members present.

Approval of last meeting minutes

  • Approved by everyone.

New BeVolunteers members

  • 4 invitations have been sent to members of the Welcome Team. One already declined.
  • The BoD wants to actively invite more volunteers � everyone is asked to actively promote BV.
  • It's a good time to send new invitation as the next GA will be in 4 months
  • Some update were done on BV website.
  • It could be good to simplify the current procedure. At the moment, members need to print the form, fill it in and scan it. If a digital signature is okay with french laws, it would be much easier for members to join. Need to check french law on that point (task OctoberTales).

Update on BoD progress

  • an email has been send to sysadmin about the installation of Ta�ga. Ta�ga could be a great tool to organize the work of the different teams.
  • Alternatiba: BW was invited to take part of an alternatiba village in Saint Quentin en Yvelines in France. It was represented by one BoD member (OctoberTales) and four BW members from the Paris area (Zorrolepunk, Nicthechimist, xxx, yyy). Flyers and cards were distributed and BeWelcome raised a lot of interests. New members to be expected after the event. It was also a nice opportunity for members to meet, get to know and discuss.
  • Another Alternatiba will be held in Paris in september. Some members already show interest in attending and �working� there as representatives of BeWelcome. We need to contact Alternatiba Paris to see if BeWelcome can participate.

Feedback from teams and members

Support Team

  • seems that there's only one French speaking person in the Support Team. It might be not enough.
  • in general, the Support Team would need more help (= volunteers) to go through all the tickets.
    • the BoD will contact some members that might be interested in volunteering.

Communication / Social media

    • there's some interest in the revival of the BeWelcome spreadshirt account. Spreadshirt is a website that allows people to order customized goods (like customized BeWelome t-shirts). Crumbking was in charge of the account in the past. Need to check if someone is interested in being in charge of it and if it worth reactivating the account.
  • 50 people ask subaculture for stickers. He sent 10 to each of them, and got 5 photos of the stickers back. He thinks that the idea is nice, but is not the effort for worth doing it again.
  • there's no active media team, and not much to share on Twitter and Facebook. Subaculture would appreciate to have more content to share on social medial, but content not directly linked to BW. Maybe more the travel community.
  • the BoD is currently unpersonalized. BeWelcome members don't really know anything about the Board members, who they are, what they are doing and why they volunteer. It could be interesting to give BW members a better view over the BoD.
    • a questionnaire is in process of being written (task duesseldorf).
  • Google Adwords: during the last GA, there were not enough votes to clearly adopt the use of Google Adwords for non profit association, but there was a majority in favour. The BoD has decided to move forward with the use of Google Adwords.
    • 1st step: a list of keywords will be decided
    • should focus on less represented languages (like spanish)
    • focusing on some countries
    • 2nd step: the keywords have to be accepted by the BoD in order to move forward.
  • The communication group and the design group are not active enough despite lot of members in those groups. Some cleaning has to be done and it could be nice to find a way to create more activities in those groups.

Development / Design

  • there's a small design update coming.

Members' feedback

  • the small design update in menu and footer is nice.

The donation campaign is completed

  • started on 18th of february, ended on 9th of june
  • there's no official statistic, but it seems that donations mainly come from Europe
  • 605 euros came from bank transfer
  • 978 euros came from Paypal (with only 31 euros of fee this time, thanks for the status update)
  • 70 euros came from Bitpay

Moving the mail server

  • seems that there are still problems since the mail server was moved away from the Ecobytes servers to the BeWelcome servers, causing troubles for the Support Team.
  • there are still private mailboxes (name@bewelcome.org). It has been decided that no more mailbox with private name will be created. Only functional mail will be used. The current private mailboxes will be kept.
  • the BoD needs a list of all private and function @bewelcome.org address. (task: duesseldorf got in touch with Matthias and asked him to find out what exists)

Next GA

  • Where: Anja is suggesting to host the GA at her place in D�sseldorf, but it's just a suggestion. She would be totally fine if it were somewhere else.
  • When : end of october or beginning of november
    • members should be contacted to see if they have suggestions for places
    • date will have to be decided at some point. (task: set up a framadate survey and communicate the link to all BV members - amnesiac)
  • it has been suggested by a BV member that some of the BeActive money could be used to organize a BeWelcome event at the same time as the next GA, to motivate more people to join.
  • A news/reminder should be send that one has to be a BV members for at least 3 months in order to be able to vote at the GA. It's currently a good time to join BV because of that.
  • All BoD members confirmed that it was nice working together and that they had the feeling they were moving forward. Every member expressed his opinion about the possibility to renew his mandate for one more year but no official announcement will be made for the moment. The Bod agrees that one or two more members in the board could help.

Responsive website

  • see annexe at the end

Souvenir for members

  • for 100 bags, express shipping to one place should be around 300$. Would cost almost nothing by boat, but would take around 2 months. The taxes would be around 50$.
  • the souvenir could be 100 bags or 400 caps. BoD is much more in favour of bags
  • the BoD has to find how many people would want some bags, find a way to dispatch them equally, and evaluate the cost of the dispatching.


  • there are problems within the suggestion team which is not working a the moment
  • the team is lacking members and would be more efficient with 2 or 3 more volunteers

Tax refund

  • It's still unsure if BeVolunteer is entitled to sending out donation certificates for tax refund in France.
  • BeVolunteer is quite surely eligible, though, but there are some administrative queries that can be done in order to avoid any risks. (task: OctoberTales will find out about the next steps)
  • To prevent BeVolunteer a fine, it has been decided that no donation certificate will be send until the proper administrative queries has been done. The donation page has also been updated by removing all mention to a donation certificate.

Test achat: Belgium survey

  • a Belgium magazine asked the BoD if we can share with our members a link to a survey they are doing. The survey is about sharing economy and includes questions about hospitality exchange. Has the magazine is highly prized by some BV members, and because the survey is directly linked to BeWelcome main activity, it has been decided to share the survey. As it only concerns Belgium citizen, it will be shared in the groups of majors Belgium cities, in Dutch and French.

The BoD meeting officially ended at 19h45.


Five days after the meeting, S�bastien (OctoberTales) met with Raymund (Shevek) in order to talk about a couple of subjects regarding BeWelcome development.

Responsive design

The update is slowly moving forward, but it's promising. It's going to take time, but Shevek is also cleaning the code at the same time, so it will be much more easier later for other people to get involved. There are at least 4 more months of work to expect but Shevek is still motivated.

Helping to develop

The main problem here is the complexity of the code. There's a first layer of code coming from the very first website. There was then a second layer of code, written by people who didn't understand some code from the first layer. The current version has some third layer of code over that. The responsive design is basically a complete rewriting. That's the reason it takes so long. And because it's so complex, it's hard to get more people involved.

Releasing responsive version

Because the responsive version is using different functionalities and database access, it's not really possible to switch/update the website part after part. At some point (probably in 4 months) the responsive version (currently on alpha) might be pushed to a server with a working data base.

Parallax Homepage

The Parallax version of the Homepage is looking very nice. Still more job to do, but it gives a nice feeling. S�bastien and Raymund being able to work together on the same text is (obviously) really efficient as all questions can be answered immediately and design element provided with no delay. Technical vs design conflicts were easily solved this way.

New design of the landing page

Here too, all the technical vs design conflicts have been easily solved. S�bastien has some update to do on his own design, but Raymund has a better idea of what to do and what not to do and his work on that part can move forward too.


Despite some members feeling, BeWelcome is evolving. It just goes very slowly because of the amount of work needed, and the difficulties to get more people involved into the project. Being able to work in direct contact is obviously a must, and something that has to be done more often.