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Bo D Meeting 21-05-2015

Meeting started at: May 21st, 19:15 CET

Participants: duesseldorf, amnesiac84, wind, OctoberTales

Present online: all 4


Approval of last report

April report


BeVolunteer members


The BoD will keep its eyes open for potential members

Updates on progress by BoD


  • will have more time in the near future
  • Seek the Duck: not enough visibility for big size events > how to contact people from far away + some improvements in new design?


  • made post about colors of host statuses in the Design group > 1 reaction
  • asked Volunteer Coordination group on feedback


  • drafted Ombudsman announcement texts
  • drafted an email to ecobytes
  • communication in mailserver moving


  • not much activity on the treasurer side
  • communication in mailserver moving

Feedback and updates from team/members

Asked in the volunteer coordination group

  • no concrete feedback

Mailing list - mail server

  • System Admins are on it and (try to) stay in contact. We need more patience...
  • Archives can only be moved with help of Ecobytes; some devs would like to keep the archives
  • Letter is being drafted and sent to Ecobytes, as last try to get in touch with them
  • Waiting for a donation request or bill from Ecobytes

Gift from a member

One member let us know about a possibility to send BeWelcome souvenirs. We're in contact with the member. To send the gifts, some budget is needed.

  • There's a budget (promotional material), we'd need a bill (scan)
    • We'd need an approximate cost first
  • What's the best way to distribute them: sending them to a central point in Europe, to several hubs or individual?
  • If sent to central places, who would take care of it?
  • Would we need to pay taxes or custom fees?

For whom?

  • the first 100 members, who are interested

The BoD discussed about other recipients (volunteers, long term members, BV members, etc), but in the end, this seemed the most fair way to distribute.

Clarification on role/rules for Moderation Team concerning off-topic messages

We've got a request from the Moderation Team to look at forum rule #4, as it's unclear how the moderators should react on off-topic messages. Furthermore, clarification was needed on rules or posting policies in certain groups.

The BoD sent a suggestion back to the moderation team, stating that the moderation team would not be responsible for dealing with off-topic messages, as long as the messages didn't breach other forum rules. However, group admins could contact forum moderators with the request of (re)moving the topic/post if they feel it breaches the groups policy. In this way, more responsibility is given to group admins, who function as a bridge between group members and forum moderators.


A text has been drafted and will be posted as soon as the Ombudsman himself has had a look on it.


Proofreading needed; translation needed

BeActive in Community News

The BeActive campaign should get some more attention, therefore we came up with a text for the community news.

BeActive: promote BeWelcome

Did you know we have a budget for organising events in your local community to help spread the ideas of hospitality exchange and BeWelcome in particular? If you ever wanted to organise a special event on BeWelcome, but were held back because of some costs, this is your chance to get active! We'll pay for the t-shirts, stickers, banners, flyers, rent of a (small) venue (incl. utilities costs), other materials and even part of the food and drinks of the participants! Basically for everything you need to organise a magnificent event!

More info on: http://www.bewelcome.org/wiki/BeActive

Contact amnesiac84

BeVolunteer status

Is a tax refund possible?

  • We'll find an answer on this question for the next donation campaign. It's unclear if and when a tax refund is possible, yet we're advertising it on the donation page.

Login reminder

A login reminder will be sent when all problems concerning the new mailserver are over.

Next meeting

Next meeting will be a live meeting in Berlin, the 22nd of June. Exact time will be announced. We'll look for a time and place to have a public meeting with everyone who's interested in meeting the BoD. More infos will be announced

Private Meeting ended: 21:30 Public IRC chat started: 21:33 Public IRC chat ended: 22:45

Next meeting: 22-06-2015 - afternoon/early evening