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Bo D Meeting 21-04-2015

Meeting started at: April 21st, 19:15 CET

Participants: duesseldorf, amnesiac84, wind, OctoberTales

Present online: duesseldorf, amnesiac84, wind


Approval of last report

March report

Report approved

BeVolunteer members


Updates on progress by BoD

The BoD members updates each other on the next topics:

  • Changes in the suggestion feature and the reactions so far
  • Recent topic on the hosting statuses
  • NDA list integration in members' list
  • Offer by Sustainable Couch to be topic of their newsletter
  • Moving the mailing server
  • Wiki situation (group / location)
  • Alternatiba, Paris
  • Seek the Duck
  • Design update

Feedback and updates from team/members


  • suggestion to ask teams in advance


daydreamer1969 accepted the task to be Ombudsman

This will officially be announced by BoD in both the forum, newsletter and community news

a Wiki has to be made and an e-mail address will be created for the ombudsman

Main goal until the next GA: to develop the role of Ombudsperson

contact person between BoD and Ombudsman: duesseldorf

Moving mail server

We are in the process of moving the mailing processes to our own BeWelcome servers. Leoalone has initiated this process and it s work in progress at this time.

We thank Leoalone and others involved for their time and work and hope the mailing situation will soon be back to normal.

Hosting status

After some discussion, the BoD decided not to change the number of hosting options. Instead, the board decided:

  • new members should actively choose their hosting status (now Maybe is default)
  • the Maybe-status should show up more friendly in the search results, for example as light green
  • further thoughts on the right wording/question for the hosting status are needed. We would like to open this topic to the community and see if there are options which would work for everybody.


It's hard to find people motivated to help writing the Newsletter. The BoD will try to motivate some members.

BeVolunteer status

The BoD wants to find out if we're really registered as a non-profit organisation, or as a association only. This might have consequences for the tax reduction on donations.

Next meeting

Private Meeting ended: 21:15 Public IRC chat started: 21:15 Public IRC chat ended: 22:15

Next meeting: Thursday, May 21st, 19:00 CET