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Bo D Meeting 18-03-2015

Meeting started at: March 18th, 19:25 CET

Participants: duesseldorf, amnesiac84, wind, OctoberTales

Present online: all 4


Approval of last report

February report

  • Minor change in the February minutes
  • Report approved

BeVolunteer members

  • 1 new application received
    • Application approved
  • 2 NDA's received

Updates on progress by BoD

  • Updated each other on tasks and work done since last meeting

Feedback and updates from team/members

  • Sysadmins noticed Fox-server using a lot of memory; Problems seem solved, but the BoD will inform them that, if needed, they may add more memory to the server.
  • Lososs will be a new Forum Moderator; inactive moderators will lose their moderation rights



  • Mediation between disputed parties (members vs. teams / BoD; teams vs. BoD)
  • Moderation of conflicts within the teams incl. BoD
  • Moderation of conflicts between different teams
  • Make suggestions for changing policies and procedures
  • Taking care of the documentation of the "role" of the Ombudsperson

Official status

  • Unofficial status as official status are only GA and BoD


  • If technically possible, the Ombudsperson should be a reading member of the moderation group


  • Elected by BV members
  • Approved by BV members
  1. BoD collects possible candidates
  2. BoD presents a candidate or the candidates, opens a poll and contacts all BV members
  3. All BV members have 2 weeks to approve or disapprove the position for the candidate
  4. When approved by simple majority of the votes, the Ombudsperson will be installed until the next GA
  5. At every GA the BV members can approve or disapprove his/her position as long as the person shows interest for another period. Everybody is welcome to present him-/herself as candidate and should be included in the poll.


Documentation is needed on the position of the Ombudsperson, in all aspects of this position: rights, processes, tasks, etc.


  • The Ombudsperson will need an own e-mail address or forwarder.


  • Preferably a member of BV
  • Diplomatic
  • Not directly involved in BoD / Moderation / Safety
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement filed
  • Sufficient level of English

Possible candidates

The BoD has listed possible candidates and will contact at least one of them. The community will be informed once this person is willing to take the role.


  • 3rd Site Admin needed
  • Candidate found (thorgal67)
  • Request rights for this person

Suggestion Review

Bod is very happy with the review and its quality and would like to thank mountx for his involvement in this.

5 recommendations

1. It is proposed that information/guidance be produced on the role of the suggestions process and how it fits into the wider decision-making structure on BW.
BoD agreed unanimously
unsure how and who will do this, will be discussed further in the forum
2. It is proposed that the initial discussion stage for suggestions should be moved out of the Suggestions Group linked to the suggestions tool and onto the forum, and that the process should only commence on Suggestions once discussions have taken place and options for voting can be clarified.
BoD agreed unanimously
Suggestion group forum should be closed for commenting, only open for automated messages and notifications of the suggestion team
A forum thread ending in a suggestion should be renamed accordingly -> SUGGESTION - BeWelcome needs feature X
3. It is proposed that ranking and programming the implementation of agreed suggestions should be the responsibility of a designated voluntary team and take into account a range of practical factors as well as members' views.
BoD agreed unanimously
The BoD should use the vote results and discussion input as an indication of how important a decision is to the community, in order to create a specific priority to do list for developers in accordance with the general priority list.
4. It is proposed that some specific resources be identified and allocated to implementing agreed suggestions and that this be overseen by the Development Team.
See suggestion 3
The BoD needs to be in contact with the Development Team all the time, and taking the resources into account when prioritizing the outcomes.
5. It is proposed that the options for changes to the present voting categories identified in the Review of the Suggestions process be discussed more widely in BW/BV with a view to resolving some perceived anomalies.
This suggestion needs more discussion within the community
The BoD thinks this is a good topic to discuss and vote upon within the current suggestion feature, in order to change the feature itself.


  • Forum Rule #5

A member has the right to approach the moderation team with reasons why the team should reconsider a decision. If the team sticks with the decision, that decision can be appealed to the Ombudsman. In case of the absence of an Ombudsman, or if a member feels the Ombudsman has reached an incorrect decision, a final appeal can be made to the Board of Directors. Correspondence between the member and moderator, the moderation team, the ombudsman or the Board of Directors is personal. Partial or full displaying of correspondence on the forum or other sites is not permitted.The transmission of information from the correspondence to third parties is unacceptable and can result in the termination of membership. The entire time of the appeal, the decision of the moderation team stays in place.

  • The BoD thinks this should also be the case for a passive decision (not acting), thus giving the reporting person a chance to appeal.

Procedure for official BW communication needed?

The BoD is glad that there is a volunteer who takes care of the twitter and Facebook channel, and would like to thank him very much for doing so. We discussed whether we need an offical procedure before publication on twitter or Facebook. As there has been only one incident with incorrect or information that could be misinterpreted within the last years - which has been corrected within short time - we don't think that any BoD involvement or procedure is necessary for now.

Bitcoin - SatoshiPay

  • Offer to change the payment provider for Bitcoin payments
  • BoD still needs further details and will get in contact with SatoshiPay before any further decision.

BeActive program

  • So far none of the funds have been used
  • Promote the program with organisers of concrete activities (Seek the Duck and BeWelcome stand at Alternatiba)
  • Discuss this in the next GA: What to do with the program, guidelines/rules, money raised.

External requests

  • Sustainable Couch newsletter
    • BoD will contact the site owner
  • Data request for study of fake user profiles
    • BoD will inform the possibility of providing anonymous data to external entities in general

Wiki pages

  • double entries (for example: city group and city place page)
    • BoD will ask for the possibility to redirect certain wiki-pages

Research on BeWelcome by Yepkio

  • 3 suggestions given: decision/action needed from BoD?
1. Replace "Maybe" by "Yes" -- there are not enough travellers anyway
The BoD is charmed by the idea, and found out this suggestion already passed the suggestion stage (http://www.bewelcome.org/forums/s11336/#post58825 discussion). However, the suggestion is one of the lowest ranked suggestions, so the BoD wants to make this a topic to see the wishes of the community and a broader understanding of what it means for both hosts and guests.
2. Add personal reply statistics to every profile as done on Warmshowers.org. Speed of reply should also be a part of statistics as well.
According to the BoD, this only makes sense if there's a clear distinction between normal messages and accommodation requests.
3. Attract travellers -- write an App
Inform how much time and which requirements are needed to write an app.


Next meeting: 21-04-2015 - 19:00 CET

Private Meeting ended: 22:05

Public IRC chat started: 22:05

Public IRC chat ended: 23:50