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Bo D Meeting 18-02-2015

Meeting started at: Febraury 18th, 19:10 CET

Participants: duesseldorf, amnesiac84, wind, OctoberTales

Present online: all 4


Approval of last report


  • approved by amnesiac84, duesseldorf, OctoberTales, wind.

BeVolunteer members

  • 1 member resigned > a thank you message has been sent
  • 2 applications await approval
    • both accepted unanimously
  • 1 NDA received

Updates on progress by BoD

BoD members informed each other on their tasks and progress, and some room for clarification and questions.

  • Get Active + Donation updates
  • Suggestion review
  • Paypal
  • Installation of Mumble
  • Contact with individual members

Feedback and updates from team/members

  • NMBW Team sent out several open invitations, specifically targetting groups based on language/location
  • polyglot and others working on rewording of the registration wordcodes
  • Yepkio wrote 2 papers on BeWelcome, based on data analysis
  • mountx working on the Suggestion review

New site admin / Superuser

Since one site admin (distributing rights) resigned, there s a need for at least 1 more site admin. The BoD will contact 2 members to see if they are interested.

Login reminder

The site admin sent out the login reminders in the past. The BoD thought April is the best time to do it. If it s not too technical and we have no site admin yet, duesseldorf volunteered to take care of the next login reminder.

Donation campaign / Finances

  • We still have no access to online banking (new login system), working on it
  • PayPal aknowledged us as a non-profit organisation (after a process of several months), which means less transaction costs are deducted from the money we receive
  • We are in contact with another Bitcoin payment processor. We are waiting for more details to compare it with our current one and decide which one to use
  • We ll start the new donation campaing NOW!
    • updated some information / wording on the fly
    • some texts still need a proper translation

Forum Moderation

  • The suggestion group has been excluded from Forum Moderation so far. This resulted in some unwanted situations where banned members could use the Suggestion process to continue spamming the forum or sending inappropriate messages.
    • The Forum Moderators have now the permission to moderate the Suggestion group as if it was a normal Forum group. The forum rules should be applied to the suggestion feature as well.
  • In the Forum rules it says that the decision of the Forum Moderators is final. The BoD believes everyone should have the possibility to get a second opinion from an independent entity within BeWelcome. Therefore the BoD suggest the following text:
    • Heed any and all advice and requests from moderators. Personal attacks against moderators will not be tolerated. If you take issue with a moderator's decision, refer the matter to the forums moderator team first. If no consensus between the moderation team and member is reached, a first appeal can be made to the Ombudsman. In case of the absense of an Ombudsman or in case of strong disagreement, a final appeal can be made to the Board of Directors.
      • This text shall be reviewed by both the Forum Moderators and the Communication group before the Forum rules are changed.
      • The topic Ombudsman is on the agenda for the next meeting, as the BoD believes BeWelcome/BeVolunteer should have an Ombudsman.

OTRS / Incoming mails

  • Test Achat Belgium would like to have some data for a publication. We ll cooperate if the data they needed is anonymous and does not violate the privacy of our members
  • We have received an invitation from an Italian anti-mafia organisation to show our support on our website in exchange for a link on theirs. As we do not want our website to be used for official statements, we kindly decline this offer.
  • We received an invitation to present BeWelcome on a fair near Paris. We'll keep in contact with them and see if we can find people to represent BeWelcome there.

(re)Design group

There has been a request to form a group to redesign BeWelcome, as the website has not changed its looks over the last years (apart from the recent header and footer update). The BoD welcomes the idea of a make-over, and mandates OctoberTales to form and lead a group, including designers, a code developer (or someone with sufficient knowledge of the BW-code), someone with UI-knowledge and experience to start the process:

  • Expecting to see first results in 6 months (actual implementation after that)
  • Only restriction is not to include new features, nor known controversial issues
  • While redesigning, a responsive design should be something to think about (however, the redesign doesn t need to be 100% responsive)
  • While redesigning, there should be continious contact between the design group and the developers of the responsive design (alpha)

BW meetings / gatherings / events

  • Seek the Duck - 1st May 2015, Toulouse
    • keep in contact with the organisers and offer assistance if needed


  • Getting in contact with the system admins for a change of mailserver
  • BoD constructed a suggested priority list for the development, which they will discuss with the development team. This list is in no way a definite task list of things that should be done, nor a critique on the development team or individual developers. The list shows what the BoD thinks can improve the experiences on BeWelcome.
  • Goals:
    • Make it easier for new developers to join the team and work on development
    • Giving members and visitors a better overall user experience on our website
    • Provide better tools and features for members to increase overall hospitality exchange, both in quantity as well as in quality
    • Improve the administrative tools and features for (potential) volunteers
    • Improve communication tools and features for all members


The next meeting is planned for March 18th, 2015 - 19:00 CET

Private Meeting ended: 21:15

Public IRC chat started: 21:15

Public IRC chat ended: 22:00


BONUS: the BoD tested Mumble over the BeWelcome server. There are some issues, but as we understood some more adjustments will be done. The maximum capacity of a conference call is estimated at around 240 people. Mumble will first be available to teams who want to use it internally. The BoD will give these teams the required information on request or as a suggestion (contact amnesiac84).