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Bo D Meeting 14-07-2015


Approval of last report

Report June 2015

Approved by all members

BeVolunteer members

  • Membership termination message drafted, to be sent out to members who have been inactive over a long period of time.
  • Clean up of BV database / inactive members

Updates on progress by BoD

  • Tech news: Sebastiens talk with shevek and Leoalone/ responsive website
  • Call for NMBW in Berlin group
  • Call for volunteers in community news and Forum > some reactions

Feedback and updates from team/members

  • Support Team
    • New Team members are needed
    • Clear definitions are needed (BoD: "There are definitions. Are there specific problems with those definitions?")
      • Feature changes (additions, deletions, improvements)
      • Design changes
      • Changes of processes and rules and regulations which affect members
  • Hosting Eagerness Slide (HES)
    • BoD welcomes the idea, no official stand or decision taken

Test using Taiga

  • BoD
    • live testing during the meeting
  • Communications / Design / Translation
    • testing needed

Mailserver - OTRS

  • cancelling "contract" with Ecobytes
  • solving problems with OTRS
  • ask Leoalone to make a list with name mailboxes/forwarders/lists
    • needed: ombudsman mailbox
  • if all problems are solved, we'll send out the login reminder


  • Ombudsman needs a mailbox
  • Wiki page made - rights needed to put it on the wiki front page

Newsletter situation

  • We'll give it an extra try. We need someone who carries the process. Unfortunately, the communication group is pretty inactive. Amnesiac84 will take over the process for as much he can do.

Next GA

  • set up a framadate for the date and send it to BV members
    • https://framadate.org/5pikhrdrlgbhxui5
  • ask the community for invitations / suggestions for location

Next meeting

  • TBA
  • Possible: open meeting with the community > direct input + possibility to ask questions