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Bo D Meeting 14-02-2016

Meeting started at: February 14th 2016 12:03 CET

Participants: amnesiac84, duesseldorf, sammiekong, wind


Approval of last report

January 2016 Meeting Approved

BeVolunteer members

  • 1 new application
    • approved unanimously

Updates BoD-members


  • Satefy Team initialized cooperation with Trustroots
  • sent out 65 personal messages to profile visitors after december newsletter, 12 answers, 2 donations, 2 offers for voluneering
  • cycling backpacks
    • I offered them to SafetyTeam and Ombudsman. 2 ST members interested
    • gave 9 away
    • tried to organize shipment to Mexico
    • will attend Seek the Pig and take bags there
  • started collecting journalists' email adresses for press distribution list
  • becoming non-profit:
    • sorting out what documents we need to provide. It might be that we have to provide an official decision by the General Assembly to go for this status. In this case we can prepare and collect all neccessary documents but have to wait until after the next GA to proceed with this.


  • treasurer things
  • OVH, www.bewelco.me
  • OVH, domain management
    • make initial loading time faster?
    • "Anycast DNS is a powerful solution that accelerates the normal operation of DNS servers to provide better response time during the first hit to your website"
    • email to communication team
    • compared our paypal account with the donations list on this website
    • updated http://www.bewelcome.org/wiki/Who_does_what
    • updated http://www.bewelcome.org/wiki/Ombudsperson
    • Ecobytes, configuration files
    • Ombudsperson, where to link him
    • Seek the pig


  • ToU-notification sent
    • helped cleaning up 95 tickets in OTRS (+/- 5 replies were needed)
  • Redesigned
    • activities page
    • landing page
    • dashboard
    • discussion page
    • profile
  • Got OP rights on #bewelcome
  • Cycling bags - 4 sent / 20 left


  • interview with teams (with duesseldorf) in progress (see Trello Card)
  • Cycling Bags
    • Finished the research about active hosts and BW events
    • Collected interested volunteers
  • Minutes of Last meeting (9th January)
  • Some personal message to NL profile visitors (1 new potential vol)+1 donation
    • 1 new volunteer for Support Team ( in training phase)
    • 1 new POTENTIAL vol for Support Team (she said is ok for her, but didn't start yet)
  • Interview with Volunteers
    • Asked to almost all BW volunteers and collected who is interested.
    • Got in contact with them; preparing the interviews; deciding the calendar
  • Teams
    • Get in contact with Team's link for update each other about dailly work (Teams and BoD).


  • Volunteer Recruiting: 2 new greeters for NMBW
  • 12 new translators.
    • "Call for translators" works well, i plan to do more like this to call for volunteers
    • contact members on initiative doesn't work very well.
  • there are quite some new immigrants from CS who seem to be motiviated, and i should focus on them.
  • focus on looking for volunteers for Support Team.
  • Continue look for volunteers for NMBW team.

Terms of Use change

Some errors occurred during the change of the Terms of Use phase. A protocol would be appreciated for future reference, with a more detailed plan on how to implement changes in the Terms of Use.

amnesiac84 will take on this task and tries to finish before April

Support Team

Problem: the support team will soon be without coordinator. There's no one volunteering for the role of coordinator.

Task: find a coordinator; write every suitable Support Team member Who? amnesiac84 / girandoliere

New Server

  • expected date: beginning April
  • doneCommunication to Teams about the plan: write message in Volunteer Coordination group (wind) and inform every team's link (girandoliere)

emails for BoD

There should be a public e-mail address leading to OTRS and an internal e-mail address used for internal communication.

Cycling Bags

  • task list:
    • write a forum and community post for offer Cycling Bag to whom organize an activity for BW
    • post in BV group to find out who is interested dusseldorf
    • DONE: draft message for donators duesseldorf
    • DONE:draft message to active host girandoliere
    • DONE: create a list for active host in BeWelcome (girandoliere)
    • DONE: collect member interests from teams girandoliere
    • update/check the Trello Card about who is interested girandoliere/duesseldorf

Timeframe Community News

Almost every week, a message will be written in the Community News. Some examples:

  • Seek the Pig
  • New Communication Team
  • Interviews with BW Volunteers: already 8 ready, and others 2-3 almost.
  • Thank you for the donors

The BoD has a rough time frame, at least until June 2016

Legal team

We do not need a legal team at this moment.

The BoD will put effort in finding a French speaking team to deal with more official stuff (documents, applying for programs, official translations, etc). Also an English native speaker team will be found, to proofread and check new texts on the website. Both teams should exist of around 5 active members, so there's always someone available to react when needed.

Check all topics in Trello

  • archive 'Done' cards

next BoD Meeting

March Meeting

Private Meeting ended: 14:00 CET

Public IRC chat started: 14:00 CET

Public IRC chat ended: 14:22 CET