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Bo D Meeting 13-05-2016

Meeting started at: May 13 2016 17:20 CET

Participants: sammiekong,girandoliere, duesseldorf, amnesiac84, wind


Approval of last report

April Meeting

Approved by whole BoD

BeVolunteer members

Invite potential BeVolunteer members

General Task: invite very quickly possible new member ( time limit related to GA)

Updates by BoD-members


  • answered several media requests - one article published in German magazine Bild der Frau
  • no answer by tgoorden about the BeWelcome vimeo account


  • BeActive


  • OTRS (cleared tickets & bouncelist)
  • Design updates
  • Hotmail problem
  • Community News


  • Secretary stuffs ( agenda+forum announce of the meeting)
  • Update the Report Page. So on add the annual reports, budget and meeting reports for the years was missing ( 2013/14-now)
  • Start to add picture for every General Assembly in Bv website
  • start the work on Support Team coordination.
  • Cycling Bags:6 sent to active host,3 sent to donors, 3 sent to cyclists (Spasso through Uli help)


  • Searched for active/interesting member and message them for interaction, invite members to get involved BW project, received pretty good reponses and can expect some new volunteers shortly.


  • Master thesis request cooperation duesseldorf replied to the author.

BeVolunteer Website

  • Short presentation to BoD about what was updated, discuss a revision of the History Page and inform the community about a volunteering offer for mobile version of BV site. Maybe there a task ( update History page): so who and with which time frame.

Decision: post it in BV group and collect tips and help for update the website.

  • Working in Progress about add pictures on BV site (pictures of G.A., Unconferences, etc)

General Assembly 2016

Set up a flexible road map for next steps. For reference CheckList for General Assembly Tasks:

  • There are some suggestions about the location: Pescara and Berlin is one other possibility.
  • Write a personal email to BV member Draft by amnesiac84


Two application: one from Seek the Pig and one from Seek the Duck (already voted upon). 195 Euro for Seek the Duck and 154,92 Euro for Seek the Pig (they requested only 141,29 Euro, but we pay the whole bill), so 349,92 in total. approved by the BoD

External research to find Volunteers

Consider the possibility to find external volunteers: check for update from Idealist.org and consider other chance Creatives without borders "Suggestion": brainstorming with Communication Team about the project.

Alternative to Suggestion Team

  • The BoD discuss and consider advantages and disadvantages about a online tool: as consider.it is a US start-up where users need to register a separate account it does not seem doable for BW

Lynx Server+Etherpad

News from our sysadmins: they are currently working hard to set up the new server: Lynx. Actually they are in process to set up also a Etherpad tool. and OwnCloud tool In a short timeframe would be available for BeWelcome Teams.

  • Etherpad: after a short check with sysadmins about some security stuffs, the Volunteer Coordinator will get in contact with Team Coodinators for give them access to the tool.
  • Own Cloud: there some potential critisisms so maybe it's better understand how it works and what is possible to protect data before using. Is it possible to storage something not sensible (flyers, banner, etc )

Closing/limiting the option for public profiles

amnesiac84 will describe option for closing/limiting the possibility to set the profile as public. After short explanation the BoD needs to decide how to proceed and with which steps.

Vote for removing the option to make the profiles public until the next G.A.: approved by BoD

comment reminders proposed

As the forum is not very active we should try to motivate members to write more comments. "Suggestion":If one has written a comment ticking the host or guest box and the other does not write a comment - then send a reminder within a week. Probably not too difficult for implement, but it does take extra time.but i guess is a good idea and maybe might be planned in autumn. Also a short check with Dev Team about the status of suggestion.

BeWelcome Anniversary

Officially BeWelcome got online between January and February 2007.

  • An idea from Volunteer Coordination Group is to organize small activities (picnic, excursions, dinners) all around the world - birthday parties. So the idea could be a campaign for use some money of BeActive (only 150 Euro left, but we could use other money as well) (for example flyers, bags, banners, etc -- need to consider about the cost of sending)
  • Make 10 flags to let travelling members to carry and pass on, and see how far and the route the flag go in a certain period (e.g. one year).

Topic for next General Assembly: set a budget for promotion / activities / celebration of the Anniversary.



  • A world map showing dots where our volunteers come from to visualize that BW is a real global thing
  • A Help BeWelcome page with buttons and slideshow.

Private Meeting ended: 20.40 CET

""Next BoD meeting"":June Meeting