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Bo D Meeting 13-01-2015

Meeting started at: Jan 13th, 2015, 19:43 CET

Participants: duesseldorf, amnesiac84, wind, OctoberTales

Present online: all 4


Approval of last report

Last report - 04-12-2014 Approved by: amnesiac84, OctoberTales, wind, duesseldorf

BeVolunteer applications

  • 2 applications received
    • 1 sent the form back empty; member says the application has no priority and sends it in again possibly another time
    • 1 application form was sent successfully, though members' name is unclear > asked for more information
  • Proposition from Secretary to actively ask volunteers to join BeVolunteer
    • proposition approved by all BoD members, ask Team Coordinators to pass on this info to the volunteers
  • Proposition from Secretary to add another membership-status: Candidate member, as we can accept members on some conditions (Statutes change needed)
    • proposition rejected by other BoD members

How to organise the public meeting today and in the future and what form to use

  • Ask people in the public session how they perceive(d) our way of working and see if we should/could change something about it.
    • most people agreed on the way of working, even though there's not much room for discussion
    • one member asked for open, public sessions only.

Reports/requests from teams

Question: what do you expect from the BoD, what can we do to help you?

  • updates
  • Taken notice of the needs and wishes of individual members and teams. If applicable, those topics will be used to set up the agenda for next meetings.

Reports about accomplished tasks / progress by BoD


  • Check if all formal documents are processed
  • Media topics
  • Prepare OTRS for BoD-members


  • Suggestion tool review started
  • Updating donation page & Get Active page
  • Starting Volunteer Coordination
  • Project Management software tests and communication (own topic)


  • PayPal issues
  • Bank issues
  • Insurance issues
  • Newletter (local and global)


  • Started development coordination
  • Informed about a new design
  • Informed about Mumble - unanimous decision to install Mumble on BW servers

Volunteer Coordination & Project management

  • Need for project management software, as additional workaround for some teams
  • In contact with a member who organised an unofficial workaround (http://tiger.teamwork.com)
  • As teamwork can't be a long-term solution, the BoD likes to install Taiga (https://taiga.io/) on the BeWelcome servers and start testing and using that as soon as it's installed and configurated. Taiga is:
    • Open source
    • Independently hosted
  • Who does what wiki has had some updates, but is not up to date
  • Get Active page is under development

Activity on Bewelcome

The BoD will continuously look for ways to make BeWelcome more active, such as:

  • make the changes and updates more visible
  • push mobile version forward, as much as we can
  • attention of local newsletters
  • media contacts
  • clean up the activity page (~ first 10 common activities)


The BoD unanimously agrees with the idea of 4 newsletters a year (one every 3 months).

  • the size of the newsletter will not be too big, which leads to more attention to the content of the newsletter
  • travelling is seasonal, so there could be more attention about seasonal issues

Press Statement

Duesseldorf will take some time to work on the media kit which includes a press release.

Next meeting

Wednesday, 18th February 2015, 19:00 CET

Closed session ended: 22:15 CET

Public IRC chat session started: 22:15 CET

Public IRC chat session ended: 23:59 CET